A very simple farm that you can make for yourself in Minecraft. It is very easy to begin an egg farm as all you need is to capture one chicken and keep it safe. Chickens will lay eggs intermittently and all you need to do is be nearby to pick it up. With many chickens, you can easily gather many eggs. Eggs are useful for making chicken farms, crafting cake, or making pumpkin pie. This guide will outline the required materials for making an egg farm, how to make one, and how to use eggs in Minecraft.

Required Materials for Egg Farming


What came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, it is absolutely the chicken. You will need to find a chicken first if you want an egg as there is no other way to obtain eggs. Chickens will spawn anywhere in the overworld where the light level is 9 or higher and has 2 blocks of air above it. You will also want seeds if you want to lure the chicken to a safe environment. Seeds can be obtained by breaking tall grass.


How to make an Egg Farm in Minecraft

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First, you will want to locate and house a chicken. A small pen will do, but ensure that the fence or wall is at least two blocks tall. Foxes will aggro onto chickens, and if you do not want your egg farm to be full of feathers, you should take precautions to prevent foxes from murdering your coop. First, locate some seeds. You can gather seeds by destroying tall grass. 

Once you have your seeds, think about where you want your chicken/egg farm to be. Place some fence posts or blocks at least two high to prevent foxes from getting any funny ideas. Also, consider placing two fence gates to prevent chickens from wandering out if you want to prevent spillage of chickens. 


Now that your coop is ready and you have your seeds you can start to wrangle some chickens. Look around grassy areas for the clucking birds. Any type of seed can draw the attention of chickens, use whatever seeds you have on hand. 


Walk your chicken back to the coop and your chicken farm is well on its way!


Chickens will lay eggs every 5-10 real-life minutes. You do not need a special incubator to hatch chickens, you can throw the eggs in the chicken coop to have a 1/8 chance to spawn a chick. Now that your chickens are penned up you can wait for them to lay eggs. If you would like you can also make the entire floor of the coop with hoppers leading into a chest to pick up the eggs without walking into the coop. 

How to Use an Egg Farm in Minecraft

Eggs are used for a few things. Crafting cake, making pumpkin pie, making more chickens, and throwing at mobs. You can craft a cake with 3 milk buckets, 2 sugar, 3 wheat, and 1 egg. Once you craft it you get your 3 buckets back. 


You can also make a pumpkin pie to go along with your cake and set a nice dinner table for your home. To make pumpkin pie combine a full pumpkin, sugar, and an egg in any configuration in your crafting menu. 

Throwing eggs has a 1/8 chance of spawning a chick. If you want to increase the production of eggs that you have, either breed your chickens or throw the eggs they make into your coop. 


Throwing eggs at mobs will not deal any damage, but can be amusing if there is a passive mob that irritated you. Be careful throwing them at neutral mobs like llamas or wolves, just because they do not deal damage does not mean the mob will not become angry at you. 

In a Nutshell:

Eggs are primarily used for making more chickens. They are also used for crafting certain baking items like the cake or pumpkin pie. Other than their crafting and animal husbandry uses, they are not very practical as these are their only functional uses. While throwing eggs at a cow that refuses to enter its pen is a novelty, it does not accomplish much. However, eggs are easy to obtain, and with one chicken you can easily gather an entire chicken coop. 


Q. What are the odds of having a Chicken spawn from an Egg in Minecraft?

A. Every egg you throw has a 1/8 chance of spawning a chick. While these odds are not great at about 2 chicks per stack of eggs, you can easily gather more eggs from each of your chickens. Since chickens will never stop laying eggs, farming more chickens gets much faster depending on how lucky you get with having chicks pop out of eggs. 

Q. Do you need to breed Chickens for Eggs?

A. Breeding a chicken with seeds will result in a chick, which eventually grows into a chicken, which can inevitably lay eggs. That being said, you do not need to breed chickens for them to lay an egg. A lone chicken can lay eggs and you can fill your chicken coop with many chickens through one solitary chicken. 

Q. Do Eggs deal damage in Minecraft?

A. Eggs deal no damage in Minecraft. You can wire a dispenser to fire 144 eggs at any mob and it will come out with the same health value that it did before it was hit with every egg. It does aggro-neutral mobs so you should be careful where you throw the eggs. 


Congratulations, you now know the ins and outs of eggs in Minecraft. Eggs are useful for getting more chickens exponentially faster as eggs will accumulate quickly with many chickens.

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While eggs only stack to 16, you can very quickly get a full coop of chickens with the eggs they produce. The chicken/egg farm is entirely self-sufficient and you do not need any further engagement beyond getting a chicken to safety to get your farm started.