Most skateboarders dream of landing a sponsorship. As well as getting cost-free gear indigenous the agency that they’re with, trips approximately the globe, and getting to skate the ideal skate spots; they get paid to do what lock love.However, that takes much more than just having the ability or gift a talented skater to in reality land a sponsorship. Essentially, over there is nearly a science behind filming a sponsorship-worthy video edit. Listed below room some advice to floor you that sponsorship.

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1. Style

To those who aren’t acquainted with skateboarding, everything looks the same. However, come someone that really knows the sport, various skaters have different styles. You want to uncover a style that’s your own to make you stand out.

There are so countless talented skaters, the you need something to collection you personally from everyone else. You desire to be a perfectionist. Just landing a cheat isn’t enough when filming a sponsor edit. Stick come tricks that you room comfortable with, and have mastered; quite than make the efforts to change it increase on the fly, only to provide a subpar performance.

2. Don’t usage music in your video

Background music have the right to be distractingand has actually the capacity to do a skater appear to it is in way much better than they actually are. Sponsors usually favor to check out theraw street footage, which have the right to really showcase your talent.

Skate parks space cool locations to film because that fun, however the soil is smoother, and a lot easier to skate on. To have the ability to just skate v the streets, land ollies off concrete stairs, and grind a arbitrarily rail—that takes actual talentand will impress sponsors.

3. Readjust up her tricks

Although you must stick to tricks that you have mastered, a really good skater knows more than just two or three different tricks. Showcasing the you have the right to do an ollie five consecutive times, throughout your sponsor edit, reflects the sponsors that you deserve to ollie.

But, what else can you do? Grinds, manuals, flip trips—there room so many different underpants trick types to showcase. But, remember, exercise makes perfect; make sure it’s clean. The very very first trick you execute in your video has to understand the fist of the sponsors, and the very last trick need to keep them wanting to see more.

4. You require a great videographer

A an excellent videographer should have the ability to keep the lens on youand be able to film from all different angles. Make certain that they have actually a top quality camera v a an excellent lens. A grainy video does not look great to sponsors, so shot and keep home footage to a minimal.

5. Encourage yourself

In the period of society media, skate companies are bound to have social media file such together Instagram and also Facebook. Filming and posting all of your finest footage is likely to obtain the fist from the best people. You have the right to even try sending messages to companies concerning sponsorship opportunities.

Even if lock don’t reply, they quiet would have seen her footage. Make friends in the ice scating community, skate with world that are far better than you, sign up with local competitions, and shot to soil sponsorships from local skate shops. A tiny start is much better than no start.

6. Don’t mass email a ton of various brands

The worst thing you can do is group message the same email come ten various companies.

This reflects that friend aren’t actually passionate around the sport. It shows suppliers that you’re willing to sign with whoever will certainly take you, which reflects a lack of loyalty. You need to love the brand the you ice skating for.

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7. It is in passionate and also have fun!

Yes, professional skateboarders are acquiring paid to carry out what castle love. However, lock didn’t pick up skateboarding due to the fact that they figured they can get famous from it later on on; and this is in reality what sponsors love come see. They desire to see that you’re having actually fun whether or not you’re sponsored.

Millions of civilization skate, yet only afew go on to gift professionals. But, that shouldn’t stop people from skating and having fun. You need to love the sport, and also just go v the flow.

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