How to record fish in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons

Walking you through the basics the fishing in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons.


As you get settled in animal Crossing: new Horizons, you’ll desire to learn just how to craft advantkeolistravelservices.comeous items like a Fishing Rod. While part items require you to find a Recipe before you have the right to craft them, you’re maybe to obtain the Recipe for the Fishing Rod quite quickly. To describe further, we’ve placed together a overview on how to craft a Fishing rod in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons.

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How to handmade a Fishing stick in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons

Speak through Tom Nook, then uskeolistravelservices.come the DIY Workbench to handmade a Fishing pole in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons.© Nintendo

If you’re wondering just how to craft a Fishing pole in animal Crossing: brand-new Horizons, you’ve pertained to the right place! Unlike items that require you come track under a recipe first, the Fishing rod is a tiny different in that you’ll be walked through the process of crafting it by Tom Nook.

Essentially, after ~ the opening stkeolistravelservices.comes of the video game when you’re may be to freely wander about, you’ll desire to do your method over come the Resident services Building. Inside, speak v Tom Nook and ask him around his DIY workshop. He’ll provide you a small rundown of the DIY Workbench, and then he’ll give you instructions to go discover 5 Tree Branches to craft your first item.

Similar to gathering branches because that firewood at the begin of the game, you have the right to pick increase Tree Branches next to trees all approximately your island. Gather the requisite quantity of Tree Branches, then return to Tom Nook. He’ll tell friend to uskeolistravelservices.come the DIY Workbench that’s alongside him, and then you’ll be walked with crafting a Flimsy Fishing Rod.

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With her Flimsy Fishing Rod, you’ll have the ability to catch fish about your island, return this pole isn’t one that’s constructed to last. Fortunately, girlfriend can always craft one more one by returning to the DIY Workbench and exchanging 5 Tree Branches because that a brand new Flimsy Fishing Rod!

Now that you know just how to handmade a Fishing pole in animal Crossing: new Horizons, be certain to review through some of our other useful guides including exactly how to obtain the Slingshot in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons, just how to gain Pocket Camp rewards in pet Crossing: brand-new Horizons, and also a list of all fish in animal Crossing: new Horizons.