If you have actually a penis, we"re willing to gambling you"ve attempted to measure it at part point. You"ve also probably wondered exactly how your prick size compares to various other people"s because—unfortunately—we live in a society that assigns a man amount of prestige to the size of a person"s schlong. The fact is, that doesn"t issue how big your prick is as long as you know exactly how to usage it. Yet the reality is, you"re probably still a little curious about the size and also girth of her dick. This day we"re going come talk around the 8-inch penis. Is it big? Huge? and also how can you do the many of what you"ve acquired down there?

Is an 8-inch penis big?

It"s not just big. It"s sort of...huge. Even though we’ve become accustomed to see 8-, 9-, and 10-inch anacondas in porn, they’re actually couple of and much between. (There’s a reason why those guys are erotic stars!)

The mean erect cock is just 5.16 inches, follow to a 2015 scientific evaluation that looked at the flaccid and also erect penises of end 15,500 men. In the review, 68% of guys measured between 4.5 and also 5.8 inches if erect. At 8-inches, you’re in the height 1% the men. (In instance you’re interested in girth—i.e., the circumference of your dick— the average penis had a girth of 3.7 inches when flaccid and 4.6 inches when erect.)

While girlfriend may have actually a large ol’ laugh on your confront thinking that you"re pack an 8-inch penis, I’d favor to offer you a feeling of how long 8-inches actually is. All as well often, males like come tack on one extra customs or two to their dick (albeit on objective or accidentally).

A traditional No. 2 pencil steps 7.5 customs in length, indigenous the end of the eraser come the unsharpened tip. So if you location that negative boy on optimal of your dick (not underneath—you don’t measure up from the bottom), your cock should be slightly longer.

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What are the best sex positions for an 8-inch penis?

You got to be careful with the thing! If her partner has actually a vulva, girlfriend should understand that the vaginal canal is typically approximately 4-5 inches as soon as aroused. Translation: you really shouldn’t effort to insert every eight of your inches—at the very least in the beginning. (If your partner wants girlfriend to go deeper, the course, listen to them, however you really want to start off slow and gentle. Your companion will must be warmed up prior to taking that salami stick!)

In general, once you have an 8-inch penis, you want to have actually sex in positions that don’t permit for extremely deep penetration.

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You desire positions where your partner can regulate the depth and speed of penetration—positions where your partner is ~ above top, prefer cowgirl, turning back cowgirl, and the lotus.