Do you have actually a car in Arkansas, however no title? maybe you never ever received the title once you bought your car, or maybe you just received a invoice of sale. If you have a shed title Arkansas, girlfriend might be able to get an Arkansas external inspection Title.

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What Is an Arkansas bonded Title?

An Arkansas bonded Title(also recognized as an ArkansasCertificate that Title, ArkansasLost location Bond, or ArkansasDefective title Bond) is a paper that proves you own your vehicle.

A bonded location is just like a constant title but it is marked "bonded", an interpretation thatit has asurety bondattached come it.

Why You have to Purchase a Surety Bond

The objective of an AR Bonded title is to protect any previous owner of the vehicle and the state the Florida.

You have the right to learn an ext about just how the surety bond works and also what it means to be external inspection at the end of the article.

When You can Need one Arkansas bonded Title

You might be eligible because that a bonded location in one of the complying with situations. This is no a finish list.

You purchase a vehicle and didn’t obtain a titleYou bought a vehicle and only received a bill of saleYou bought a vehicle and received an improperly assigned titleYou purchase a vehicle, received, and also lost the title prior to transferring it right into your name*

*If you had actually the initial title in your name in ~ one point in time and simply lost your title, you can get a Duplicate Certificate that Title. Indict for just how to apply for a Duplicate Certificate the Title.

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How to gain an Arkansas external inspection Title

Step #1:Contact DMV come make certain you space eligible

Your local DMV is the just entity that can tell girlfriend if you room eligible for a bonded title or not.

While we, Surety Solutions, can carry out you with common situations where you could need a bonded title, we cannot speak for specific if you room eligible.

Contact your neighborhood DMV, describe your situation, and also ask if you might get a bonded title.

If they speak yes, move on to action #2.

Step #2: gain your automobile inspected

Get your vehicle inspected by anauthorized member of the Arkansas State Police. As soon as the inspection is over, you will be provided a VIN inspection type completed by the authorized officer.This is simply a preventative measure come ensure your auto is not stolen.

Step #3: Completea explain of Facts because that Issuance the a Bonded location form.

This forms requires straightforward information around your vehicle, add to a brief audit of just how you came right into possession of your vehicle.

Step #4: Mail

Mail yourVIN inspection Formand declare of facts to the following address:Department of Finance and also Administration,Office the Motor car – bonded Titles,P.O. Crate 1272,Little Rock, AR 72203

If your creates are approved, you will receive a letter of approval with more instructions on how to move forward with acquiring your ARBonded Title. If your documents are no approved, you will certainly be sent out a letter explaining why.

Allow 10 – 20 company days for processing time. If you have actually questions about the standing of her paperwork, you can contact 501-682-4679.

Step #5: Calculate her Bond Amount

Your approvalpaperwork indigenous the Arkansas Office of engine Vehicles will certainly list the worth of her vehicle.

Multiply this worth by 1.5 to obtain your link amount.

For example, if your vehicle is valued in ~ $2,000 then your AR shed Title bond amount have to be because that $3,000.

Step #6: Purchasean Arkansas shed Title Bond

Purchase one Arkansas Bonded location from a surety shortcut company.Make sure you apply for the correct bond amount.

You will certainly not pay the full amount of the AR shed Title Bond. Instead, you will pay a portion of this amount.

Surety Solutions, A Gallagher company does not worry Certificate of lost Title Bonds

Before you purchase your location bond - learn necessary payment info

Step #7: Submit

Submit your VIN inspection form, explain of Facts, AR shed Title Bond, and also Bonded title approval form to the any local Arkansas Office of engine Vehicles office.

Processing a auto title have the right to take increase to three weeks. Upon approval, your ARBonded Title will be mailed to you. Your title will certainly be marked "bonded".

What It method To be Bonded

When you get a external inspection title, you are promising the you room the true owner the vehicle, and also that you will take responsibility for any bond claims.

If someone come forward after that and claims that they room the owner the the vehicle and also that you should not have actually been granted a bonded title, lock canmake a insurance claim on her bond.

If the case is determined to it is in valid, you would certainly be responsible because that satisfying the claim. Usually, this would average a financial compensation. The surety firm would determine what is fair.

If girlfriend fail to meet the claim, the surety firm would fulfill the insurance claim for you. Then, they would pertained to you for reimbursement. Essentially, the shortcut holds you liable for her actions, no issue what.

Want an ext information around what wake up if someone made a insurance claim on her bond?Check the end this resource.

Does mine AR Bonded title Expire?

Yes, bonded Titles room valid for 3 year in Arkansas. The "bonded" brand continues to be on her title for those whole 3 years.

If no one comes forward and makes a claim against your Arkansas shed Title Bond throughout those 3 years then you (or whoever own the automobile at the time) deserve to go come the DMV and also apply for the "bonded" brand to it is in removed. ~ above approval, you will be issued a clean certificate that title.

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If you decision to offer your car before the 3 year is up, that is okay. Her name will stay on the surety bond, though, till the 3 years is up. You will be liable for any surety bond claims during those 3 years.