Have you ever before seen someone v brightly colored hair and also wished you could try it out for yourself? probably you were too afraid the the damage that bleaching would certainly cause, especially if you have actually a naturally dark shade of hair. Many world think that in bespeak to accomplish a bright and also vibrant shade you should bleach her hair first, however this is not constantly the case. There is a way to achieve this beautifully bold the shade without bleaching and also harmful chemicals that destroy your hair. With these commodities and simple steps, you will be able to channel your inner Ariel and attain a glowing red hair color from a brunette or black color right in ~ home and all in ~ an affordable price.

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Tools You’ll Need

The first thing you will require are some tools to assist you apply the hair dye. If you have actually never dyed your own hair before, there are a couple of necessary tools you will have to purchase. The an initial set of commodities is a mix bowl and also application brush, which are both inexpensive and also easy come find. The bowl will be offered to mix the commodities together, and the brush will help you evenly apply the shade to her hair and get close to the roots. The pointed finish of the brush is also great for sectioning out your hair.

The 2nd thing you will need is some rubber gloves. The red hair dice product is very pigmented and also will stain your skin if you gain it on your hands, so this are vital to have.


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Preparation for Coloring

Once you have actually thoroughly combined the dye that is time to prep your hair. Brush out your hair and also apply Vaseline to her scalp, neck, and also ears, in bespeak to stop staining the the dye on her skin, and make certain you are wearing her rubber gloves. You will desire to cover your shoulders through an old bath towel or hairstyling cape or wear other you nothing mind ruining.

Step 1.

Section your hair turn off into four quadrants to make it easier to occupational with and also twist each section up with a clip to store it the end of the way.


Step 3.

Once you have used the color to the external hairline, work one section at a time starting with one of the bottom sections, and apply the color. Start with the roots and work your means down to the end of her hair.

Be sure to use the color generously regarding not miss any type of sections. If you have longer or thicker hair, you might need number of tubes the the HiColor solution. ~ you have actually finished a section of hair, twist it ago up through a clip and also move on come the following one until you have actually successfully used the color to your entire head.


Step 4.

When friend have used the dye to all sections of her hair, leave the dye ~ above for around 30 minutes as suggested on the accuse of the L’Oreal HiColor. Friend may also want to cover the hair in plastic plunder or a shower cap to aid the color procedure faster.

Step 5.

Once you have actually waited the required amount the time, that is time come rinse the end the dye. Shampoo her hair and rinse till the water runs clear. Condition your hair completely to avoid damaged ends and apply a hair oil or other kind of therapy if friend so choose.

Step 6.

Finally, punch dry your hair and also reveal the beautifully well-off red shade you’ve constantly wanted! If you room coming from black hair, suppose to require 2 or 3 sessions of this process in stimulate to acquire the brightest shade of red. If you wish because that a much more muted tone of red, leave the dye top top for less time, or mix part conditioner into the hair dye mixture come mute it.

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How to keep Your Red Bright?

In stimulate to preserve the color, shot using a red shampoo such together the Joico shade Infuse Red shampoo and also conditioner. This will help to keep your hair spring bright and vibrant because that weeks to come. The roots and overall color will should be touch up every 4 come 6 weeks, which have the right to be done utilizing the exact same products. Back the hair color is permanent, it will fade so store this in mind prior to you decision to go through a bright red color.

We hope that by adhering to these basic steps, you will certainly be able to accomplish the desired bright red hair shade look and save her hair native damaging bleaches. Now you have the right to have the very same red hair the your favorite celebrities have worn. Return this look is a little harder to preserve than most, it is well worth the extra touch-ups. We guarantee girlfriend will turn heads and also receive copious quantities of compliments through this daring and bold red hair look!