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"Take a tiny piece from the exterior of one ar and include it to the within of your various other section," states Marjan. "Then take a little piece indigenous the external of the other section; add it to the inside of your various other section."

Each item will autumn into the facility (the break between the 2 sections of hair), then you’ll take it and also take it end to one side. The smaller the pieces you grab indigenous the exterior of your ponies, the tighter and an ext elaborate her finished braid will look.

Continue the pattern down the size of the hair. (Yes, it's a little bit tedious, however worth it in the end). And don’t concern if the looks imperfect—embrace a particular level the messiness. "I think confusing fishtail braids look better when there's a small bit that fuzzy texture," Marjan says.

Although you've finished the braiding part, you're not done yet; this layout isn't finish without some tweaks for texture and volume.

Hold the tail of your braid in one hand, and with the various other hand, use a fine-toothed comb to brush increase the braid. Start at the bottom, ratting the tail, then easy brush up the length of the braid in brief strokes.

For the most contemporary look, don't braid to the end of your hair. "I suggest leaving about a third of the size of the hair in ~ the end, so you have actually room to traction it apart once you're done," Marjan says.

Once you"ve made decision how much room to leave, secure her fishtail braid v a small, clean elastic to save the focus on your style. BLAX clean Snag-Free Hair Elastics ($6) is a hairstylist favorite.

" fingers and also gently traction it apart from the bottom up," claims Marjan. "Grab a small bit of hair indigenous the outside of the braid...gently pinching and pulling it up."

If some pieces that hair have actually escaped her fishtail braid during this process, leave them free. For an ultra-textured finish, you might pull a few pieces in ~ the top.

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Set it through a spritz of finishing spray—Marjan supplies TRESemme Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray ($19)—and your textured fishtail braid is good to go.