New to the collection as an interactive device, Niko"s mobile grants him accessibility to several conveniences in "Grand Theft Auto IV." for example, the can speak to a friend and invite him out, contact for public solutions or even find out what tune is making that bob his head as he drives away in his dented stolen car.

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Complete "It"s your Call," the 2nd mission the the game. Just after Niko acts together bodyguard because that his cousin walk he get a phone to keep.

Press "Up" on the directional pad or keyboard to bring up your mobile phone in-game. Because you use the directional pad and also arrow keys to regulate the phone, you can connect with that on the road. Just don"t crash right into a cop car; Liberty City"s ideal won"t think twice about bringing you to justice.

Select "Phonebook" come list her contacts. Friend can"t add any yourself; the video game adds them together you meet brand-new characters and also obtain your phone numbers behind the scenes. Phone call contacts lets you take benefit of your bonus when unlocked, such as Roman"s taxi or tiny Jacob"s guns. Alternatively, you deserve to invite them the end for drinks, pool, bowling or a variety of other activities.

Pick "Messages" come list any kind of texts that contacts have actually sent Niko. You cannot send personalized messages or answer to anything sent to you. If Niko dies while he"s top top a mission, he can have a message below offering to deliver him earlier to the starting point.

Select "Organizer" to review Niko"s upcoming appointments. Again, girlfriend can"t manually include something; it"s automatic and related to objectives in the game.

Open "Camera" to take photos of her surroundings. This duty doesn"t become obtainable until the middle of Playboy X"s mission "Photo Shoot." There"s additionally no true objective to this role outside the the objectives that need it.

Select "Multiplayer" to go into online gameplay. You"ll it is in asked to check whether you"d favor to go into multiplayer, losing any type of unsaved progress. You deserve to enter typical game settings like Team Deathmatch or Liberty City-geared ones like Team automobile Jack City. Friend can likewise play participating modes or enter races.

Select "Options" come configure her mobile phone. For example, friend can adjust the size of the text presented on-screen, disable the keypad tone and permit sleep mode. Sleep mode stops mission calls, which method the story might not progression if the following mission counts on Niko receiving a text.

Press "B" ~ above the Xbox 360, "Circle" ~ above the playstations 3 or "Backspace" top top the pc to placed the phone away.


Pressing "Up" a second time traction the phone increase further, revealing a keypad the you have the right to dial. This lets you get in joke numbers found in-game or go into cheat codes, i beg your pardon come in the form of call numbers.

One example phone number to dial is 948-555-0100 if listening come the auto radio; this dials ZiT song Identifier, sending Niko a text with the name of the song at this time playing.


While cheat codes room active, friend won"t earn any achievements.

Consider making a back-up copy of your save before entering cheat codes.

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Sometimes contacts won"t answer her call. This is additionally true if you"re in the middle of a mission, especially if you"re make the efforts to speak to the human being who gave you the job.