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30 day Plans .

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PeriodIntnl CallsTalkText4G LTE DataCost#1UNL Intnl callsUNLUNL1GB$19#2$1.50 & UNL Intnl callsUNLUNL2GB$23#3$2.50 & UNL Intnl callsUNLUNL5GB$29#4UNL Intnl callsUNLUNL7GB$35#5UNL Intnl callsUNLUNL15GB$39#6UNL Intnl callsUNLUNLUNL GB$50

The Lycamobile sim has Unlimited USA Talk, endless USA / worldwide Text messages, countless 3G data with (1GB as much as Unlimited) data at 4G LTE speed. Data deserve to be used for personal Hotspot and also tethering if her phone is capable. This Lyca arrangement includes countless calls to 65+ countries. View the information under Intnl. Calls for countries. Your Lycamobile USA "Tourist Sim" Includes:1. Countless international calling native the USA to Australia, Canada, UK, Israel, China, India, Poland, Mexico, southern Korea, Thailand and up to 60+ countries.2. Global credit bonus - usage it for calls and also texts exterior your allowance. 3. Unlimited complimentary calls come Lycamobile numbers worldwide 4. Unlimited USA and also International texting in included5. Hotspot / Tethering is consisted of - No extra charge! ...Learn More

About the limitless Plan

The Unlimited arrangement is precious 15, 30, 60 job based upon plan purchased. Organization includes limitless USA talk, and unlimited USA/International SMS. Data included is countless with 100MB, increase to countless data in ~ 4G speed. The $19 setup does no have endless data.

international Talk.

Certain plans encompass unlimited global talk come the mentioned countries. Unlimited usage applies for the first 10 distinctive dialed number only. The list of countries is constantly subject to change. You re welcome verify your nation by call Lyca at 611 indigenous the phone. The many recent nation list has unlimited calls come (* denotes come landline & mobile, otherwise landline-only):Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh (unlimited landline + 600 min mobile), Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada*, Chile, China*, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Hong Kong*, Iceland, India*, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Mexico (unlimited landline + 600 min mobile), Morocco, Netherlands, brand-new Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland (unlimited landline + 600 min mobile), Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore*, Slovakia, Slovenia, southern Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand*, Turkey, UK, Venezuela

Unlimited USA speak to Rates

Incoming calls and also text message - unlimited FREE.Local phone call - UnlimitedInternational calls - limitless international speak to landlines and also sometimes to Mobiles too in 60+ countries.Local message - Unlimited. Global text - countless International SMS.

Data Settings

Configuring Data
You should have the ability to use every little thing as soon as you pop in her Lycamobile USA sim card. If you discover a details feature that is not working we have provided the steps and settings girlfriend can get in manually.Tethering is allowed. If you are using iPhone/iPad then you need the APN only - data.Lycamobile.com.Configuring iPhone because that MMS is easy. Tap top top Setting>Cellular>Cellular data options. Set the APN, LTE APN and MMS APN to data.lycamobile.com. Make certain the settings listed below are collection as well.APN: data.lycamobile.comUsername: Password: MMSC: http://lyca.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapencMMS Proxy: MMS Max article Size: 1048576MMS UA Prof URL: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdfNow go to Settings>Messages and there toggle "MMS Messaging" ON. Allow the phone settle for a minute or two and also your are great to go.


Dial 121 to access your voicemail. Monitor the prompts to setup the service. Friend cannot program the "1" key to dial voicemail ~ above the iPhone

View her number

You deserve to view her Lycamobile number on your cell phone call screen. To have actually your Lycamobile number displayed:•Dial *613# or (97#), press send.

Check your Balance

You can inspect your balance at any type of time

Either:•Enter *619# , press send and your balance will be shown on her Lycamobile screen or•Dial 611 (or 95#) and listen to your balance.

Data usage / Balance

Please speak to Lyca Customer organization direct in ~ 612, alternative 1, choice 7, alternative 0 from her phone and also ask one agent for help.

Lycamobile Info

Lycamobile Customer organization is easily accessible at 1-845-301-1612. - Lycamobile User guide - Click here

Recharge Your organization Plan.
Lycamobile Plans! choose a Lycamobile Refill1 Month 1GB $191 Month 2GB $231 Month 5GB $291 Month 7GB $351 Month 15GB $391 Month 10GB $451 Month UNL GB $50
Type your Lycamobile #. (eg..7039913288)
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How the Works

1. Bespeak Lycamobile Sim.2. We will ship your sim and schedule activation.3. Activation: Insert the sim and power the phone.4. Configure data if necessary.5. Enjoy.**We delivery worldwide.

Starbucks on Us

Refer a friend to keolistravelservices.com and get a $5 Starbucks gift card sent out to your phone once your friend activates. Just have them placed your USA mobile number in the referral box at time the purchase.It"s Easy. Gift Card ceded via Blinksky. (Cool!)


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Lycamobile USA 3in1 Starker Kit
- Start new service- replace a lost sim / phone- upgrade to the new 3in1 sim- best network coverage- totally free USA Shipping.

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Add Extra Data

Now girlfriend can include extra high speed data (500MB / 1GIG) to any type of Lycamobile rate plan. Dial the suitable USSD code listed below from your Lycamobile line and the data will certainly be added.1. Add cash at the very least $10 to her Lycamobile line.2. Dial *614*3005# to add 500 MB Data3. Dial *614*3010# to include 1 GIG Data join our letter ListEnter your email address