Somewhere in keolistravelservices.comca, one unknown citizens harbors in ~ his bloodstream a dangerous brand-new virus. Her mission: locate Patient Zero, and eradicate the an illness before it spreads. Prepare because that a perilous journey to the many far-out location of every — within the human being body!

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Released: August 30, 2013 (for members)or September 26, 2013 (for all)Common Room: Town HallPreceded by: ago Lot IslandSucceeded by: Mocktropica Island

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Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written & photos taken by Samwow5 (Tough Icicle)Special many thanks to: strange Cat,Weirdo & Slanted Fish

When friend land top top Virus Hunter Island, go to the right of key Street, past the video clip shop, and into the fitness center. Now, go to the left, previous the pool, and click on the stretchy bands beside the weights. One will snap and give friend a Resistance Band.


A quick tutorial will present you exactly how to navigate and also use the various weapons on your ship, the Panacea. Click on her ship to change your weapon.

Laser (red blade): supplied to cut through things/attackElectrobolt (lightbulb-like): press spacebar to separation objects away and clear pathsCoagulant (knob-like blob): spacebar come shoot green stuff that will block open areas where blood cells room flowingGun (has 2 prongs): spacebar to shoot and also attack

After the tutorial, you’ll be ready to go into Joe’s body! Watch together he gulfs under his Chinese food… acquisition you ideal along come his stomach.

Now maneuver end to the bottom ideal of his stomach and shoot in ~ the open up area v the coagulant. His ulcer will be cleaned.


Go earlier into the bloodstream, click the stomach (below the heart), and also go up the esophagus.


Now, go back to her ship and enter the stomach again. Go all the method down come the bottom left corner and enter the intestines. (You may need to wait a while because that the opening to unblock itself.)


Keep relocating in and also out and also when you’ve stabbed it enough, it will run off. Monitor it and cut through some more tissue, and also keep stabbing it. ~ a specific amount the hits, the virus runs turn off again. Follow it again, reduced through the tissue, and also keep stabbing him. It’ll operation off a last time – save stabbing, and it’ll be gone. You’ll obtain your coagulant back!


Some viruses will certainly come ~ you, and also you’ll should fight them turn off and continue sealing increase tissues through the coagulant. The viruses care about hurting the tissues an ext than hurting you, therefore shoot the tissues till they revolve green, then shoot the sacs wherein the viruses come from (there’s two). You deserve to use one of two people the laser scalpel or gun come attack.


When you complete shooting the sacs, kill the staying viruses that room trying come hurt you. Then shoot all the sacs again, and you will certainly retrieve your electrobolt.


Once you gain the Electrobolt, shoot the blue nerves if you’re leaving. That relieves Joe (Patient Zero) that his pain. Now go earlier into the bloodstream.


From there, go to the brain. When you get there, use your Electrobolt to get rid of the blue nerve. You’ll check out this beastly virus that looks like it come out the a fear film.


Now this is the tricky part. Your weapons don’t hurt the huge virus. (However, you have the right to defeat the small viruses it sends in her direction through your laser scalpel.)

Go left and use the Electrobolt (remember to push the room bar) through the blinking neuron. After it allows go, it will follow you. Connect it come the next one and so on till it will the virus and shocks it. Each time the huge virus is shocked, that will relocate to a different area, and also you’ll should keep connecting the blinking neuron come the neuron the large virus is sit on.)

Shock him 5 times and also you’ll get the Gravity back. Now, usage the Coagulant and shoot the tissues. ~ that, go back into the bloodstream, and also into the mouth.

Once you’re inside the mouth, go down under the bottom teeth. You will reach the cavity. Store poking it through your laser scalpel and the cavity will certainly go away.


After you carry out that, get in the bloodstream again, and return come the heart. Use your electrobolt and press spacebar ~ above the blue nerves to lull the muscles out of the way, and keep going until you with the end. Enter the last area – the lungs.

When you gain inside the lungs, another virus will certainly be waiting. To loss this one, keep hitting its eight while that on the alveolar sacs. The eight will ultimately fall off, and also the virus will certainly be contained.


Joe will certainly then sneeze friend out, and you’ll get your island medallion from Dr. Lange! Congratulations – you’ve completed Virus Hunter Island!

Bonus search (members only)

Go to the Knave’s landing. A dog will run far from the owner. The owner will certainly say that her dog, Belle, has actually been exhilaration strange ever because she ate rubbish native the trash. She’ll ask you to help her dog, and also you will obtain what she ate out of – it’s something v the PDC’s initials ~ above it!

Go to the PDC lab and talk to Dr. Lange. She’ll phone call you around why the dog has actually been acting in a frenzy. It seems as if she ate the PDC’s heartworms, which were thrown away! (Ugh,not again!)

So you acquire out and go to the falafel place.The man will give you part leftovers. Feeding them to Belle, and you’ll it is in in the dog’s body. Now, close to her top canine teeth, there’ll be some wounds. Healing them through your curing thingy. Go right. There will be two environment-friendly long swiping things, most likely a result of the heartworms. Speaking of the very devil, the heartworms space blocking a tunnel under right.

You will need to hit the thingies an initial with your gun to make them disappear, then the heartworms will go. But not every one of them! proceed right v a tunnel to a stomach. Usage the laser come go with the fat, and also go with the ‘Pop Chow’ by shooting it with your gun. Soon you’ll with a tunnel for the intestines. Go v it.

You will be in a maze the nerves. There will certainly be nerves of different colors i m sorry will open up paths through the door that their same color, however may close another one through the exact same color. Go v that and also experiment v it. Death all the eco-friendly swinging points with her gun. After you with a dead end, go ago through it and also exit. Climate go and exit the stomach.

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Then the heartworms will protect against blocking the passage, and you can get in the lungs (yes, already). There will be smaller sized lungs with—YA!!!! environment-friendly SWINGING points EVERYWHERE!! THEY relocate THEMSELVES from ONE feet TO ANOTHER!!! you’ve GOTTA avoid ‘EM!

So friend shall need to shoot in ~ them from near their holes. They may escape from one hole to another, however then simply switch holes! After friend shoot every one of them, a tiny tunnel will open up up. Go through it for the final final battle, this time in the heart. Once you enter, you’ll fulfill the facility of the heartworm. Shoot at its 4 parts till that sprouts.

Shoot at the sprouts indigenous a for sure distance. Climate the white cells will complete it off! The heartworm is contained! A blue tunnel will open up up which will certainly take you ago to the mouth. Then, exit the mouth, and you’ll arrive ago safely on main Street. The girl will thank you, and Dr. Lange will reward you with the Ace Pilot costume. Congrats, she done!

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