Click under the bed.Grab the extraterrestrial coin.Check the vent cover.Put the extraterrestrial coin on every of the 3 individual screws on the vent cover.Pick increase the three screws from the ground.Open the vent and also click ~ above the arrowhead leading out.In the huge room, click on the tile device in the background.

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What happened to 5 in Riddle school?

5 is a recurring characater in the Riddle School series and the kid of 808. He as soon as ran for school president and also won v his “Vote 5” shirt which is based upon the vote for Pedro shirt and the five-point voting system on Newgrounds.

How perform you reset the pipe puzzle in Riddle?

If you push the red exit arrow while feather at any of the puzzles, the puzzle will reset.

Where do you placed the steak in Riddle institution 5?

The flower is already in a container the dirt. You need to put the steak in a container the dirt. ANSWER: fill the tray in the flower room with soil and put the steak into the tray.

How do you solve the move 2 riddle?


Click ~ above the monitor. ~ above pLatitude, click on “++” 4 times and “+” 3 times.On pLongitude, click on “–” 2 times and also “-” 13 times. Click on the power box. Leave the strength box and also click top top the circuit box.

What execute you execute in the Riddle college game?

Riddle institution is a fun video game of secret and puzzle solving and also the first title in the Riddle school series. You are stuck in school in a boring class and also you desire to escape! friend must interact with assorted objects in the classrooms and hallway and try to deceive and confuse the teacher and shot to leave the school and your boring class!

Is the puzzle room at the end of Riddle college still online?

You’re supposed to legitimately find and also solve a puzzle in the room! Unfortunately, it would appear the music because that the puzzle room in ~ the finish of the video game is no longer online. The creator has actually a music contract of part kind, an interpretation the song probably won’t be placed on Newgrounds again. The finale to the Riddle college series. Not a hoax this time.

How come play Riddle school 5 remote game?

Do not review it if you want to have a blind game. This is the walkthrough because that Riddle institution 5. Click under the bed. Take the alien coin. Check the vent cover. Traction the alien coin on every of the 3 individual screws ~ above the vent cover. Pick up the 3 screws from the ground. Open the vent and click on the arrow leading out.

When go the Riddle institution 4 come out?

Riddle school 4 is a 2010 game that was made by JonBro (Jonochrome) and also is the fourth installment of the Riddle school series. It was made as an April fools joke due to the fact that JonBro (Jonochrome) claimed He felt choose he didn’t desire to make one more game the Phil escaping.

What wake up at the finish of Riddle school 5?

Riddle school 5 to be the true ending of the RS collection and to be made in 2010. A an introduction of the video game is as follows: Phil wakes up from a dream and also escapes his room, obtaining to a substantial hallway v the goal of saving his friends indigenous an alien spacecraft.

How to death Phred in Riddle school 5?

Click the number pad in the room whereby you discovered you necessary to death your friends in their sleep. Go into “7272” to go into Phred’s dream. Talk to Phred and also sit through the dialogue, climate click the broken Tile item. Phred is now dead inside his dream. Joshua Benjamin started as a skilled freelance writer in 2009.

Where to uncover the key card in Riddle college 5?

Press 4 5 6 8 2 7 2 3 4 5 7 3 7 in that order. Enter the eco-friendly portal. Store going left till you with the far finish of the blue hall. Get in the room labelled subject #7272. Choose up the key card ~ above the ground.

Do not review it if you desire to have a remote game. This is the walkthrough for Riddle college 5. Click under the bed. Take the alien coin. Check the vent cover. Drag the alien coin on each of the 3 individual screws on the vent cover. Pick up the three screws from the ground. Open the vent and click ~ above the arrowhead leading out.

How do you put the meat in the tray in Riddle institution 5?

Put the potted dirtflower right on the Living point counter. The dead animal is the steak, but the steak won’t survive unless it’s in dirt. Integrate the steak and also the tray the dirt. Then put the tray through the steak inside ideal on the Dead pet counter.

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How execute you win the transfer 2 riddle?

How execute you get past the transfer riddle?


Click the toilet lid.Take the flusher handle.Use the flusher take care of on the dial pad.Type 78255 top top the dial pad.Exit the room and also go to the storage room (Door with box ~ above it).Click the records from height to bottom. Leave the room and also go to Goat-Man’s room (Hallway v goat symbol).