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Overall, compound bows have tendency to be fairly technical piece of equipment. However, any savvy individual equipped with basic knowledge about how a link bow functions, can make minor adjustments to their bow without the must visit an archery shop. One such adjustment is that which pertains to your bow’s draw weight.

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If friend have ever wondered just how to change the poundage on your compound bow, girlfriend would most likely be quite surprised to uncover out just how simply this task can be completed.

By taking stock of her bow’s present draw weight, adjusting body bolts in the exactly orientation, and also checking the poundage that is rendered, girlfriend can readjust your draw weight through ease.

Draw Weight

A bow’s attract weight is the force that must be exerted to pull its bowstring rearward into the totally drawn position.

Exact attract weights differ from one bow come the next, and variety approximately 10 pounds from your lowest to highest adjustment.

However, numerous highly flexible models currently feature draw weights that have the right to vary by as lot as 50 pounds.

A bow’s draw weight components into both shootability and performance. The relationship in between these two factors often comes under to a balancing act that centers about one’s ability to properly pick their own ideal attract weight.

In fact, an incorrectly set draw weight has the potential to limit your in its entirety accuracy and make for an uncomfortable shooting experience.

As a basic rule, the higher a bow’s attract weight, the faster arrowhead speeds it will be capable of achieving.

The direct trade-off to this principle is the excessive draw weight, past that which can comfortably it is in drawn, can lead come poor type and possible injury.

An separation, personal, instance archer’s ideal attract weight will certainly be the most difficult weight that he or she can draw comfortably, smoothly and concisely.

If you wish to raise your attract weight indigenous its existing setting, it is best to carry out so gradually.

A rapid increase in draw weight deserve to take months for her body to become accustomed to, i beg your pardon is plenty of time for poor shooting behavior to develop.

Steps because that Adjusting attract Weight

Adjusting a link bow’s attract weight is easily done, and often take away no much more than 10 minutes to complete.

When act so, there space a couple of simple procedures that need to be followed to prevent equipment damages or injury.

Step One: check Your current Draw Weight

Before adjusting your draw weight, it is always helpful come record your existing draw load for reference.

This allows you come pinpoint what your brand-new weight must be set at in order to accomplish the preferred result. This is accomplished with the usage of a bow scale.

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Each full transformation of the limb bolt synchronizes with a collection weight variance. This variances commonly range from 2 to 5 pounds, depending upon the bow manufacturer and model.

Reduce your attract weight, while periodically checking for precise poundage number with the usage of a bow scale, until reaching a weight that feels ideal.

Step Five: dual Check Poundage

Once an ideal draw weight has actually been reached, check for specific poundage figures with the use of a bow scale, as soon as more.

This not only enables you to record this number for future recommendation but also presents the perfect opportunity to verify that your bow’s draw weight still drops within that is minimum and also maximum specification range.

With your final draw weight verified, tighten her bow’s locking bolts, if for this reason equipped.

It is additionally highly encourage to shooting 10-15 shots from her bow come familiarize yourself through this new draw weight, and to ensure the you are totally satisfied through the outcome.

For much more information top top adjusting your attract weight, watch this video.

Note: when a bow’s draw weight is adjusted, arrow speeds are also affected. Since of this, one arrow’s trajectory and allude of affect are likely to readjust at a offered yardage.

Never assume the your sight’s adjustment is still enough after a adjust in attract weight. Instead, shoot your newly readjusted bow at miscellaneous yardages, and collection sights accordingly.

Adjusting attract Weight favor A Pro

Choosing the suitable draw load for your bow is critical to archery success. The capability to adjust this load as necessary is of tremendous value, as it permits you to tailor-suit a bow come your specific needs, which eventually promotes intensified accuracy.

With the use of a bow scale and a quality collection of Allen wrenches, friend can readjust your bow’s attract weight choose a pro, in just mere minutes.

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