In this example, we will redraw the bison variety boundaries making use of the picture overlay together a template. These paths will change the overlay.1. Click on the Bison selection folder in the Places panel. Note: If friend forget to click the folder before you develop the line, you have the right to drag and drop the lines right into the folder like you did through the overlay.2. Choose the Path tool indigenous the Google planet menu bar.3. Enter a descriptive surname in the Properties box that appears.4. Click on the Style, color tab in the Properties box.5. Adjust the line color by clicking the Color box.6. Set the Width and Opacity for the line.7. Leaving the Properties box open to permit you to produce the line. The Properties box can be relocated out of the means by clicking and also dragging the top of the box.

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8. To map the lines that display the level of the bison variety as stood for on the Bison range map photo overlay, click the starting point because that the heat you would prefer to create.9. Proceed tracing the heat by clicking at intervals follow me the line. Click at close intervals to produce a smoother line.

Note: You can readjust the line by clicking points in the line and dragging castle to make the line an ext closely to the right the Bison variety map, yet this might be more complicated to do. That is best to shot to create specific line, fairly than readjust the line later.

10. When you have traced the degree of the line, push the OK button in the Properties box.11. Create a new line to show the extent of the bison selection for every year represented in the map picture overlay. To develop the extr lines, monitor the accuse again, yet choose a different color for every line.

Note: Lines and Polygons can be added and formatted in the exact same manner.

Adding Labels to the Paths

1. Click on the Bison selection folder in the Places panel.2. Select the Pushpin icon from the menu bar.

3. Get in the brand you would prefer to usage in the Name field the the Properties box.4. Through the Properties box open, drag and drop the Pushpin to the place where friend would choose to place the label.5. Open the Style, color tab in the properties box.6. Click on the Color box to change the shade of her label and also icon.7. Click the Icon box to choose the icon you would like to use.8. Adjust the label and icon size in the Styles, color tab.

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Note: In this example, the shade of the label was collection to complement the color of the line. The symbol was gotten rid of by setting its size to 0. If you choose to eliminate the icon, you may need to adjust the location of the label after you have clicked OK in the Properties box. To readjust the location of the label:

1. Right click the brand name in the Places panel and also select Properties from the menu.2. Rise the dimension of the symbol to activate the drag and drop feature.3. Relocate the icon to the new location.4. Collection the size of the icon ago to 0, and also press OK.You may need to perform this number of times before you space satisfied v the location of the label.9. Repeat the procedure for each label you would choose to add.