When girlfriend activate your GameStop PowerUp rewards card, then this regimen will acquire you invite to member-only events, advance notification of sales, promotions and also other offers. Display your card once you make a purchase at GameStop come score points for each game and system you profession in.

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GameStop PowerUp Rewards card Activation procedure Guide

Here are 4 basic steps for you to finish the activation procedure at poweruprewards.com/activate:

Create one account digital if you don’t have a GameStop.com account. You will just need to get in your email attend to and develop a password. If you currently have an existing GameStop.com account, climate there’s no require to create an account. You have the right to click the red log in & continue switch to continue activation.

Activate your new card by start the map number.

Choose her contact and update your number.

There will certainly be a confirmation connect sent to her email. Click to confirm.

How to acquire a GameStop PowerUp Rewards card

There are 2 type of rewards card.

Basic member card, an annual membership complimentary of chargeYou have the right to score your PowerUp points with it and get accessibility to exclusive offers, news and events. Friend can get it it is in signing up in ~ a participating GameStop store and also choosing PowerUp Rewards for free.Pro membership cardYou can obtain this map by signing up at a participating store and choosing a PowerUp Rewards agree for $14.99. V this card, you can score even an ext points and get accessibility to to exclude, offers, news and events. In addition, girlfriend will obtain special bonus privileges including a welcome coupon that have the right to score girlfriend a cost-free game upon perfect of virtual activation.

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About GameStop PowerUp Rewards

The GameStop PowerUp Rewards routine is sponsored by GameStop. GameStop is cursed to delivering great games to customers, regardless of how and also where lock play. Whether you video game on the go through a mobile an equipment or spend hrs console gaming through your guild, GameStop is the number one multichannel video game choice.

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