We all know and love Rubeus Hagrid: goalkeeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, lover of strange magical creatures, and also fierce support of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. With fifty percent of his genes coming indigenous a giant, this is no tiny man. In the books he is stated to be practically 12 feet tall, and also in the movie he appears around 8 feet tall. Over there are definitely no 8-foot-tall gibbs in an excellent Britain, so exactly how did they do Hagrid for this reason tall?

Robbie Coltrane together Hagrid

Robbie Coltrane is the actor who played Hagrid in all 8 take care of Potter movies. Together he unfortunately does not have magical gigantic genes, he procedures only 6-feet 1-inch tall, a good 2 feet shorter than Hagrid appears. When Coltrane provides an impressive Hagrid (he to be the only one ever considered by J.K. Rowling because that the part), they had to come up v some clever means to make him look lot taller 보다 he actually was.

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4 means They Manipulated Hagrid’s size in take care of Potter

1. Cleverly designed Sets

Did you recognize they produced TWO huts for Hagrid? One to be made large so “normal” sized civilization would look little in it. The other was made much smaller in bespeak to make Hagrid look choose a giant. Castle filmed v both and then cut scenes together. Additionally, the objects the Hagrid offered (silverware and cups, for example) were smaller sized than typical so that they made Hagrid’s hand look big in comparison.

2. A Stunt Double

Martin Bayfield, a 6-foot 10-inch tall previous rugby player, secretly appears in several shots in bother Potter. But you would never recognize it. Donning a fatsuit, Hagrid’s above overcoat, and even one animatronic head that looks like Robbie Coltrane’s face, Bayfield dram Hagrid in far-away shots and full-body shots wherein Hagrid necessary to plainly be larger than everyone and also everything about him.

This video shows the process of Bayfield acquiring ready to play Hagrid. Since he had actually to stay the padded outfit for long hours, the designers fitted it with tubes that water to keep him cool. And that Hagrid mask – it certain fooled us! No wonder nobody ever before noticed he had actually a stunt dual in the movies.

3. Forced Perspective

Forced view is a filming technique that makes human being or objects look bigger or smaller than they actually are. It works by having a near object and also farther object equally in emphasis so that they show up to be near each other in the exact same plane.

These images, taken by danielle from Wanderlust on a budget plan while ~ above a bother Potter studio tour, show this ide well.You can really see just how the compelled perspective functioned within Hagrid’s hut! Hagrid would certainly of food be the one closest come the camera, making any type of guests look smaller sized by comparison.

Source: Wanderlust top top a Budget

Another slightly less technical way they completed forced view was just by lowering the camera and also filming upwards. Other characters were filmed right on, however when showing Hagrid, they regularly filmed him from a reduced vantage point. Using this angle, it renders us (the viewer) feel as though we’re looking up in ~ a very tall Hagrid.

Filmed in ~ belly-height so the it appears we’re feather up at Hagrid.

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4. Green Screen

Another an approach used to do Hagrid look so large was to film him in front of a eco-friendly screen. They might then take it footage of simply his body and also superimpose it right into other scene – yet scaled up, the course, to look larger. The green display screen came in handy when Hagrid was presented in near proximity to various other characters, a time as soon as neither required perspective no one a stunt double would do the trick.

Coltrane standing wherein they would later work in a larger Hagrid.
Hagrid looking much taller 보다 Coltrane really was!

There you have actually it – the keys of how they made a consistent human look like a giant!

If you desire to see more behind-the-scenes tricks, the bother Potter DVDs actually have actually some really good bonus content. And also yes, that might sound old school, however just remember that Harry Potter doesn’t currently on any kind of platform! having a snazzy box arsenal is one means to certain you’ve got HP and his pals at your fingertips any time you desire to watch.