Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe typically tries to stay low-key. And that’s understandable. He’s remained in the spotlight since he was first cast in Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer’s Stone at 11 year old. Eight movies and also eleven year later, Daniel Radcliffe ended his tenure as the well-known character in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2 at period 22.

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A kid star is usually meant to have a details appearance. Among the defining factors is their height. I mean, let’s it is in honest, it would certainly seem odd if a 5’8″ teenager played the role of a 12-year-old. Therefore naturally, friend would want a young actor who stature fits the of a child. The just downside is the some child actors never seem come get any kind of taller, and the persona they played actually becomes bigger than the actor themselves.


Daniel Radcliffe drops in together a category, even though he’s proven on countless occasions the he’s much more than just Harry Potter. The British-born actor has actually spent many of the last decade veering away from something that might remotely remind him that his Harry Potter days. Instead, he is made it his service to follow darker and much more mature roles prefer the spooky duration horror film, The mrs In Black. He’s likewise drawn to functions in dark comedies favor the gassy corpse Manny native Swiss military Man or the timid game developer rotate killer Miles Cassanova in the violent and action-packed Guns Akimbo.

Warning: The complying with trailer has mature content and also vulgar language!!

However, Radcliffe realizes the these roles have actually made him much more unique together a male actor who is no the average elevation for command roles. In a 2014 interview v Vox, the gibbs revealed the he’s typically told the he’s “not the usual male lead.” yet it’s no just due to the fact that he choose to go for eccentric roles. Instead, Radcliffe to trust the reason is the he’s much shorter than usual male leads as he fully stands at 5 feet and five inches.

However, Radcliffe is not bitter about it, actually quite the opposite. The embraces his genetics, believing self to be among the “short” perform of an excellent actors like Dustin Hoffman and also Tom Cruise. But, of course, the doesn’t mean that he’s not conscious of the challenges his height brings come the table. According to display screen Rant, Daniel had actually to stand on a crate in some scenes come fit the elevation of Rockstar gamings co-founder Sam Houser in the 2015 docudrama, Game Changers.

The 32-year-old actor additionally revealed in a 2015 interview through Playboy the he feel his elevation would hold him back from his dream role of one NFL player. His reason? most football players room twice his size, and also the odds of that landing a prominent function in a football movie space not high. Or so he thinks. There are a an excellent amount of shorter football players, like Steve smith or Wes Walker, who space closer to Radcliffe’s height, for this reason there’s tho a good chance the we might see the in a soccer movie under the line.

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But nevertheless of whatever function Daniel Radcliffe chooses next, you deserve to guarantee the his level of acting will be much more than enough to make you feel choose he’s larger than life ~ above screen.