Porter Wagoner and also Dolly Parton very first began to collaborate early on in Parton’s career. The pair became a dynamic duo in regards to songwriting and also the music service in general, penning dozens of songs together and also releasing numerous duet albums. Parton began to appear on Wagoner’s weekly show, The Porter Wagoner Show, and went on tour v his band.

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But Wagoner and Parton’s connection eventually began to sour, even resulting in a confusing lawsuit, as Parton’s star started to rise. In Dolly Parton, Songteller: my Life in Lyrics – the brand-new memoir Parton created alongside Robert K. Oermann – Parton expose the critical moments she spent with Wagoner just prior to he died in 2007.




Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton in 2007 | Tony R. Phipps/WireImage

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The country icon insurance claims she observed Wagoner simply hours before his death in hospice

Not just did Parton reconcile v Wagoner prior to his death; she was in reality in the room v him, in ~ his bedside, not long before he took his critical breath. The 74-year-old expose in Dolly Parton, Songteller the she to be actually v Wagoner as he to be dying.

While Parton knew that Wagoner had actually done her wrong, specifically when it came to the lawsuit, she want to relax him from any lingering guilt he could feel.

“I want him come be totally free of anything the he can have been worrying about,” she write poignantly.

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“He remained in hospice and wasn’t coherent at the time,” she goes on to explain. “But i squeezed his hand, and also he make a move to say he understood. He passed away just a few hours after us visited.”

While Wagoner couldn’t audibly respond to Parton at that point, she felt lock could connect well sufficient that she knew he interpreted her on some level. While lock had plenty of ups and also downs over the years, she has actually never denied just just how much Wagoner expected to her and to she career when her star was on the rise.