“Now the days of Isaac to be 180 years. And Isaac breathed his last, and he died and also was gathered come his people, old and also full the days. And his young Esau and also Jacob hidden him” (Gen. 35:28–29).

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Genesis 35 ends today with the account of the death and also burial of Isaac. However, we note once again that chronologically speaking, Isaac actually passed away somewhere between chapters 36 and also 50 and also not before Joseph’s descent right into Egypt recorded in Genesis 37. Isaac to be sixty once Jacob was born (25:26b), and also he to be therefore about one century old as soon as his younger child was exiled come Paddan-aram. Esau was fourty (26:34–35; as was his pair brother) as soon as his marital relationship to the Hittites prompted Isaac to send Jacob away. If one boy was born per year after ~ Jacob married Leah in year 7 as Laban’s slave, then Joseph, Jacob’s twelfth child, was most likely born after living in Paddan-aram for about twenty years (30:22–24; 31:38). Jacob would have been sixty at this allude and Isaac, 120. Therefore, if Joseph went into Egypt at period seventeen (chap. 37), his grandfather Isaac would have been around 137 year old in ~ the time, as such living around 43 year longer before his fatality at age 180 (35:28).

Moses records Isaac’s fatality at this suggest in the stare to do a suggest — not due to the fact that he is unaware of this details. The toledot (generations) of Isaac started in 25:19 are currently over. Jacob, the main actor in this phase of history will recede right into the lift so that Moses may focus on Joseph and also his brothers. Esau and Jacob, who were in ~ odds once this period began are currently reconciled and able to bury their dad in peace, also though Isaac does not die till after Joseph is exiled. Moses is relocating on, using the space he has left to explain how Jacob’s children ended up in Egypt in the first place.

Regardless of as soon as it happened, Isaac passed away without see his children in complete possession of Canaan (26:1–5). This promise from God is a future hope to Israel’s 2nd patriarch, just as it to be for Abraham (25:1–11). However Isaac’s interment at Hebron in the same grave together his father, the only piece of the Promised floor the patriarchs ever before owned (49:28–33), and also the location where the lord swore an oath come Abraham (13:18; 15), is significant. It reflects they still reliable Yahweh to keep His word, for in laying your bones over there they testified the soil was your own country despite not yet completely possessing it.

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Genesis 35 mirrors us just how each generation that God’s people must trust Him to carry out what the says even if the complete realization the His guarantees remains in the future. Jacob affirmed his trust in the Lord when he buried Isaac in the only piece the Canaan the family members owned and also when he relocated to revitalize the confidence of his family, calling castle to placed away their foreign gods. Every generation must similarly reform the church according to Scripture and also trust our dad anew.