Rey Mysterio network Worth and also Salary: High-flying luchador Rey Mysterio has actually a network worth of $10 million. Also known by his actual name, Óscar Gutiérrez, Mysterio is considered one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. That is signed to the WWE, and also he performs ~ above the SmackDown brand. Mysterio began his career v the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in Mexico before signing with civilization Championship wrestling in 1996. Throughout his time in the unified States, he aided popularize the "Lucha Libre" style of wrestling, and additionally the cruiserweight divisions.

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After signing with the WCW, Rey winner the WCW Cruiserweight Championship 5 times, while also taking home the civilization Tag Team Championship title three times. After a brief duration with the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, Mysterio signed through the WWE in 2002. He ended up being just as successful with the WWE, and also he won plenty of titles. Regardless of leaving in 2015 to wrestle in Japan and Mexico, Rey Mysterio subsequently returned to the WWE in 2018.

Early Life

Óscar Gutiérrez to be born on December 11th of 1974 in Chula Vista, California. Óscar Gutiérrez originates from a family of wrestlers, and his uncle additionally fought under the name Rey Mysterio. 2 of his cousins are additionally wrestlers, together is his son and also nephew.


By the time Óscar Gutiérrez was 14 year old, that was already wrestling in Mexico. Trained through his uncle (Rey Mysterio Sr.), Óscar Gutiérrez learned the Lucha Libre layout of wrestles quickly and also became known for his "high-flying" rings moves. Finally, the was provided the honor of transporting on his uncle"s name in 1991, and he was referred to as "Rey Mysterio Jr." after a quick stint v the AAA in Mexico and also a solitary year with too much Championship Wrestling, Rey found his location with civilization Championship Wrestling.

He invested his very first two years in the WCW make a name for himself in the cruiserweight division, fighting wrestlers favor Dean Malenko, Prince Iuakea, and also Lord Steven Regal. Mysterio was additionally known for his feud with brand-new World Order during this period. By 1998, he had actually won his third cruiserweight championship, beating Juventud. He climate underwent knee surgical treatment that put him out of action for six months.

In 1999, Mysterio was required to take off his mask by the WCW. He has since stated the he never ever wanted to be unmasked, and also that he to be pressured by the WCW into doing it. Óscar Gutiérrez stated that it was hurtful come his family, as it went versus the traditions of the Mexico Lucha Libre style. Mysterio also complained the his unmasking to be not part of part grand climax, yet rather during a "throwaway match." He additionally revealed that he was given a choice to one of two people "lose his mask or lose his job."

Over the next couple of years, Mysterio earn a reputation as a "giant killer," taking down larger adversaries such together Kevin Nash and also Scott Norton. Return Rey was increasing in popularity, the manufacturing staff behind WCW go not see the cruiserweight division as a main resource for programming, preferring more conventional wrestling events. The WCW do it really clear to Mysterio that he would certainly never come to be a "main eventer." from 1999 to 2001, Rey Mysterio partnered through No border Soldiers and also later the Filthy Animals.

When the WCW close up door down, Rey Mysterio returned to the live independence circuit in Mexico and also the unified States. In 2002, the signed through WWE and also was permitted to begin wearing his mask when more. Throughout this period, he feuded with Eddie Guerrero before ending up being the civilization Heavyweight Champion. He winner a variety of additional titles before partnering v Sin Cara. Indigenous 2013, his storylines to be wrapped up, and also he left the WWE. Mysterio then returned to the AAA and fought in Japan before returning to the WWE in 2018.

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Oscar Gutierrez

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date the Birth:Dec 11, 1974 (46 year old)
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession:Wrestler, Actor
Nationality:United states of America

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