Ray Stevens (birth surname – Harold ray Ragsdale) is an American country and also pop singer-songwriter who was inducted into the nation Music room of reputation in 2019.

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He wrote Gold-certified hits such together I have Returned and He think He’s beam Stevens.


Stevens to be born on January 24, 1939, in Clarkdale, Georgia, USA.

He started taking piano class at period 6. Throughout an interview, ray said:

”We were simply an average American family. Mine parents love music and also listened to it.”

Stevens went on come say:

”I had actually a propensity because that music at very early age and also my mommy bought a piano – a supplied upright – and also insisted ns take piano lessons. Ns was 6 year old.”

Stevens created his an initial band during high school. It was named – ”The Barons.”

He as soon as said:

”I to be fifteen as soon as I an initial started performing in a band.”

At the period of 17, Ray relocated to Atlanta. There, he met bill Lowery, a Georgia technology football broadcaster and radio personality.

At 18, that signed come Capitol Records’ Prep documents division.

Stevens majored in music at Georgia State University.

In 1961, the signed through Mercury Records. With Mercury, Stevens had a few hits including – Ahab the Arab, Fast-Acting Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple Pills, Jeremiah Peabody’s Polyunsaturated Quick-Dissolving, Santa Claus Is city hall You, Funny Man, and Harry the Hairy Ape.

In 1962, he exit his debut album, title – ”1,837 secs of Humor.”

In the follow-up year, beam released his 2nd album – ”This Is beam Stevens.” The album to be released through Mercury Records.



The pair has a daughter, named Suzi Ragsdale.

At period 10, Suzi was singing on children’s albums.

In 1998, she exit her very first solo album, called – ”Future Past.” In 2009, Ragsdale exit an EP – best Regards.

She also listed background vocals because that artists together as:

Ian Tyson;Randy Travis;Suzy Bogguss;Guy Clark.

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In an interview, Suzy said about her father:

”As far as cultivation up through him as dad, and falling in love with this business, he taught me a lot.”

Ragsdale also said:

”But although it has actually been beneficial and beneficial to have actually that knowledge, that hasn’t opened up doors with world wanting to provide me a record deal.”


”I acquired into the business since I love music.”

”I think we’ve gone overboard through the political correctness similar to so plenty of other human being think the same method about that.”

”Don’t get me wrong. I’m for legal immigrant 100 percent. Yet illegal anything, I’m not for.”

”I’ve always been type of a loose cannon. But thank goodness ns didn’t punch up any hallowed buildings.”

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Ray Stevens – network Worth

Stevens earned many of his wide range from working as a solo artist, television host, songwriter, music arranger, and also producer.

His collection “Comedy video clip Classics” has actually sold numerous copies. In 1970, beam released his first number 1 – ”Everything Is Beautiful.”

His best-known novelty hits encompass – Mississippi Squirrel Revival, Shriner’s Convention, The Streak, Gitarzan, and Ahab the Arab. Ray won Grammy awards because that his song Misty and Everything Is Beautiful.

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In2016, he has actually paid $2.85 million for a house. Therefore, beam Stevens has actually an approximated net precious of $15.5 million.

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