Mike Schmidt is the key protagonist in Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s. He is a security guard to work by Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza.

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Click come see full answer. Furthermore, who space the protection guards in FNaF?

Mike Schmidt is the main protagonist of 5 Nights in ~ Freddy"s. That is a protection guard employed by Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza, functioning on a 7-night transition from midnight come 6 AM, till he was ultimately fired. The video game is play in the first-person perspective, through Mike"s eyes.

Also, why walk FNaF need a protection guard? Two reasons anyone would have a night security guard: To prevent crime ~ above property. To prevent damage to property.

Consequently, who is the night guard in FNaF 4?

Mike Schmidt is the key character the Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s, and also is the character that the player controls. He works at Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza. Mike Schmidt is the security guard who works the night shift.

Who to be the security guard prior to Mike FNaF?

Jeremy Fitzgerald is the former Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza security guard and also the main protagonist the Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s 2.

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How old is Jeremy?

Jeremy is one 18 year old who is 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall.
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Is gold Freddy a hallucination?

There are three main types of hallucinations - intuitive hallucinations, object hallucinations, and Golden Freddy. Most of the hallucinations space randomized, and also can happen at any kind of time on any type of night, even as early as prior to the Night 1.
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Is Funtime Foxy a male?

Until it to be retconned in Ultimate tradition Night, the sex of Funtime Foxy to be unconfirmed - v hand-unit referring to him with male and female pronouns. Funtime Foxy is seemingly another version of the Mangle.
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Who is the voice of phone guy?

Scott Cawthon
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Who caused bite the 87?

Mike is the Brain-Damaged Victim of Foxy The Bite of "87 incident is a something referenced through Phone man where among the animatronics bit the frontal lobe turn off a child.
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Who room all the FNAF characters?

Standards: Balloon boy • Bonnie • Chica • Foxy • Freddy Fazbear. Twisteds: Twisted Bonnie • Twisted Chica • Twisted Foxy • Twisted Freddy • Twisted Wolf. Funtimes: Bidybab • baby • Funtime Foxy • Funtime Freddy. Toys: Ella • Stanley • Theodore. Others: Amalgamation • suicide Bot • boy Animatronics.
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Who is the most popular FNAF animatronic?

Take a look listed below for our perform of optimal 10 personalities from five Nights at Freddy"s.
Foxy. Together his surname suggests, Foxy is a large, animatronic fox v crimson, tattered fur. Bonnie. Freddy. Chica. Mangle. Springtrap. Puppet. Circus Baby.
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What did human being lose in bite of 87?

The Bite of "87 was an occurrence that emerged in 1987. The was briefly discussed by Phone guy in the an initial game. The details that this assault (and the identification of the animatronic responsible) were not given, however it allegedly brought about the loss the the frontal lobe of the victim"s brain.
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What taken place to Mike Schmidt FNaF?

Mike Schmidt is the main protagonist the the an initial Five Nights in ~ Freddy"s game. The is a protection guard employed by Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza, working on a 7-night shift from midnight come 6 AM, till he was at some point fired. In ~ the finish of Night 5, Mike Schmidt receives a examine for $120.
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Who to be the first animatronic in FNaF?

The animatronics to be made by "Fazbear Entertainment" (excluding animatronics native Sister Location), but according to novel series, the original four animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and also Foxy) were made by Henry Emily. Despite this that does not say that Golden Freddy was made by Henry.
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Who is the violet guy?

William Afton (also recognized as the Purple Guy) is the key antagonist that the five Nights in ~ Freddy"s franchise.
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What taken place to the phone male in FNaF 1?

Now the we recognize animatronics were qualified of voice mimicry, it"s feasible that he actually died before FNaF2 and also we"re in reality hearing one animatronic mimicking the in FNaF2 (possibly also Ennard). That died due to the fact that he sucked at FNAF and also was eliminated on Night 4.
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What month does FNaF 1 take ar in?

So we understand that FNaF 2 takes location in 1987, and Jeremy it s okay paid ~ above November 12 i m sorry is a Thursday. So complying with that same layout for FNaF 1, it might take ar in either 1992 or 1998. Because we understand that FNaF 3 takes location 30 year after FNaF 1, that would place it at one of two people 2022 or 2028.
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Who is the protagonist in FNaF 4?

The brothers is Mike Schmidt and the FNaF 4 Protagonist.
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What animatronic is Michael Afton?

Michael Afton is the key protagonist the Sister Location, offer as among the technician"s because that the animatronics and is recognized as eggs Benedict (due to HandUnit"s keyboard malfunction).
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Does the Freddy mask work-related on Freddy?

And friend can"t do the while you have actually the mask on. The Freddy Fazbear mask makes all of the animatronics not reconize you and thinks you are Freddy Fazbear. It just doesn"t work on the Marionette ( The puppet ) i beg your pardon technically sort of do the animatronics, as in put the souls into them.
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What is the occupation the Mike FNAF?

security guard
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Is 5 nights at Freddy"s a actual thing?

Five Nights at Freddy"s (often abbreviation FNaF) is a media franchise based on an indie video clip game collection created, designed, developed, and also published by Scott Cawthon for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and also Android. The series is centered on the fictional Freddy Fazbear"s Pizza, a pastiche of pizza restaurants such as Chuck E.

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Is five nights in ~ Freddy"s based on a true story?

No. Five Nights at Freddy"s is fiction. The restaurant is based on lining E. Favor all animatronic characters, castle are regulated via instrument that expand through the floor beneath them and cannot it is in separated native them, so over there is no method they can leave your stages and also move v the restaurant on their own.
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