You understand him because that his legendary country songs favor “Amarillo by Morning,” “I overcome My Heart” and also “All my Ex’s Live in Texas,” however did you know George Strait is the dad of two kids? The nation music symbol isn’t overly public once it pertains to his family, yet that no take away from exactly how much he loves his children.

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George is the dad the his son, George Strait Jr., and late daughter, Jenifer Strait, with his longtime wife, Norma Strait. The Grammy winner and also his blonde beauty beauty wed in 1971, and also after one year, they invited their very first child, Jenifer. Practically a decade later, George Jr. — far better known as Bubba — to be born in 1981.


Tragically, George experienced one of the best heartbreaks of his life as soon as his lover daughter was killed in a vehicle accident at age 13. Jenifer passed away in June 1986 after ~ a auto she to be in lost control, rolling over and crashed in san Marcos, Texas. The teenager remained in the automobile with three others, however she to be the just one who died, follow to the Jenifer Strait Memorial structure website.

At the time, the “Check correctly or No” artist reaction to the family members tragedy in an emotionally statement. “We will certainly all miss out on Jenifer an extremely much, and we will never ever forget her, she smile and also laugh,” the article read. “She supposed the world to us, and also we’ll miss out on her dearly. We’re law our ideal to endure this v your assist we will. Her storage will always be v us.”


In the years complying with Jenifer’s death, George take it a step back from the spotlight. However, he as soon as opened as much as The new Yorker, informing the outlet the reason he stopped offering interviews.

“I simply didn’t feel choose talking about it, so i quit … i did desire to save singing, absolutely, however I to be at the allude where i’m , ‘Alright, if this is walk to expense me my career, climate so be it, however it’s the only means I’m walking to be able to cope through it,"” the explained.


Though George hasn’t divulged much about his family members life since, he did as soon as talk about the special relationship his son mutual with his huge sister. “To watch them together and also the way she watched end him made us understand he was always safe with her, no matter what,” he composed on the foundation’s website. “He love her ago in the exact same way, and constantly will, simply as we always will.”

Because of your nine-year age difference, Jenifer “was choose a 2nd mother come Bubba in a way,” George added. “They had actually their arguments like brother, and also sister do, yet in the end, she always made Bubba feel prefer he come out ~ above top.”

To learn an ext about George’s two kids, keep scrolling.


George Strait Jr.

George Jr. — a.k.a. Bubba — was born on might 14, 1981. Bubba is a graduate of Texas A&M University, wherein he began his career as a compete rodeo star. According to Country Fancast, he ended up being a professional Rodeo Cowboys combination team roper adhering to his graduation.

“It’s the best feeling in the world to watch my kid win a roping, or also to just watch that compete,” George said about his boy in a 2004 interview through The Team Roping Journal. “Bubba and I have actually been fortunate to win a couple of buckles together, and also that mine friends, is the ultimate.”

In addition to rodeo, Bubba is a talented singer and songwriter. In 2009, the cowrote three songs, as well as solo created one more, ~ above his dad’s 26th studio album, Twang.

As far as his personal life goes, Bubba has been married to his wife, Tamara Strait, because December 2010, follow to Instagram. The couple shares two kids, Jilliann Louise Strait and also George Harvey Strait III.

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Jenifer Strait

George’s firstborn arrived at October 6, 1972. Though she life was cut brief on June 25, 1986, her heritage lives on in the memorial fund developed by she family. The Jenifer Strait Memorial structure was developed in her honor in 1986.

According to the website, the structure “promotes charitable causes for children, and focuses its donations on assorted nonprofit organizations, consisting of The guys & Girls society in mountain Antonio and also St. Jude’s Ranch.” It has actually survived “mainly through personal donations, which has come largely by word-of-mouth native friends, and from Strait fans with the years.”