Gandalf is just one of the most popular personalities in lord of the ring mythology (if not the many popular), yet many civilization are wondering, just how old is the really? Well, we will shot and price this question and also let you know just how old is Gandalf in this article.

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Gandalf to walk in Middle-earth for 2,019 years, un-aging and appearing together a grey-bearded human being of around 60 years. Yet as a Maia, he live at the very least 9000 years before Middle planet even existed. That method his real period is close to 11,000 years.

Gandalf is a wizard, among the Istari order, and also the leader that the Fellowship that the Ring. Tolkien took the name “Gandalf” indigenous the Old norseman “Catalogue of Dwarves” (Dvergatal) in the Völuspá.

As a wizard and the bearer the a Ring of Power, Gandalf has good power yet works largely by encouraging and persuading. The sets out together Gandalf the Grey, possessing good knowledge, and also traveling continually, always focused on the mission to counter the Dark lord Sauron.

He is associated with fire, his ring being Narya, the Ring that Fire, and he both delights in fireworks to entertain the hobbits that the Shire, and also in an excellent need supplies fire as a weapon. As among the Maiar the is one immortal spirit, however being in a physical body on Middle-earth, he deserve to be eliminated in battle, together he is by the Balrog from Moria. The is sent ago to Middle-earth to complete his mission, now as Gandalf the White and also leader that the Istari.

How Old is Gandalf?


Tolkien once described Gandalf as an angel incarnate; later, both he and also other scholars have likened Gandalf to the norseman god Odin in his “Wanderer” guise. Others have defined Gandalf together a guide-figure who assists the protagonist, comparable to the Cumaean Sibyl who aided Aeneas in Virgil’s The Aeneid, or come Virgil self in Dante’s Inferno; and as a Christ-figure, a prophet.

So, together we discussed above, Gandalf is a Maia (Spirit), created by Eru amongst the various other Ainur prior to the year of the Lamps approximately 9,000+ year before showing up in the Middle-earth. In Valinor, the was well-known as Olórin. The was sent to Middle-earth in human type around the year 1000 in the 3rd Age. That’s more than 2000 years prior to the setting of The lord of the Rings, to assist the totally free peoples fight the angry of Sauron.

Gandalf to walk in Middle-earth for around 2,019 years, un-aging and appearing as a grey-bearded person of about 60 year old or so. That was about long before Middle-earth to be created and also before the year of the Lamps.

He, Saruman, and also Sauron are about the same period – give or take. It’s an overwhelming to pin down his true age due to the fact that time had tiny relevance before the Lamps were collection in place. 11,000 year old is a minimum figure. He’s likely much older.

The question is essentially unanswerable. Gandalf precedes the creation of the world (Arda) and even the creation of the universe (Ëa). That existed before time did, and also for the first couple of ages that his presence (probably most of his “life”), there was no method of maintaining track that time.

This inquiry makes as little sense to a Tolkien fan as the question “How old is god?” would to a devout Christian, Jew, or Muslim. In both cases, the period is precise so an excellent that it cannot be quantified or measure in any type of meaningful sense.

The ideal we have the right to do is come say ‘He’s so old that it is difficult to say how old that is. He’s so old that years weren’t designed until that was currently an “old man”.‘ The only LotR personalities who are about the same age as Gandalf are Sauron, Morgoth, and Eru Ilúvatar.

In The Silmarillion, all the Ainur are around the same age as Gandalf. In a very real way, Gandalf is older 보다 time itself. This is impressive, but not really distinct in Tolkien’s world. As I said, all the Ainur (we don’t recognize how many of them over there are, but it is probably in the dozens) space as old as Gandalf.

The Silmarillion tells the the Valar and the Maiar labored to develop the world

in wastes unmeasured and unexplored, and inages uncounted and forgotten, till in the Deeps the Time and in the middle of the substantial halls of Eä there came to be that hour and that place where was made the habitation of the kids of Ilúvatar

So really, us can’t put period on Olórin, or any type of of the Valar or Maiar.

Gandalf, ~ above the other hand, the embodied kind of Olórin that walked Middle earth to oppose Sauron…him us can day with reasonable precision.

From appendix B the Return that the King,The story of Years, about the third Age:

When probably a thousands years had passed, and the first shadow had fallen top top Greenwood the Great, theIstarior wizards showed up in center Earth. It was after that said the they come out of the much West and also were messengers sent to challenge the strength of Sauron, and to unite all those who had actually the will certainly to stand up to him; but they were forbidden to enhance his power with power, or to look for to conquer Elves or males by force and fear.

Exactly once Gandalf arrived is, as far as I have actually been able come find, nowhere directly stated; we recognize that he to be the critical of the Istari to arrive, and seemed the the very least impressive; we have the right to assume something favor the year 1000-1025 TA. He lastly left Middle planet with Bilbo and Frodo in 3021 TA, for this reason I pick to believe he come in 1021 and also stayed for exactly 2,000 years.

It’s also worth noting the he never showed up young; nobody of the Istari did.

They came because of this in the form of Men, thoughthey were never youngand aged just slowly

This ‘aging’ appears to have been pertained to the trials and difficulties they had to endure, rather than come time.

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As you deserve to see Gandalf’s real period is very hard or difficult to determine, yet his period as a ‘mortal’ man in Middle-Earth is somehow possible to determine, and it would certainly be somewhere around 2,019 years.