Fantasia Barrino functioned her way into the mind of America v the culture-shifting music competition, American Idol. The extreme (and occasionally hilarious) reality collection premiered in June 2002 with its original collection of judges: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell.

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Barrino completed on Season 3 the American Idol in 2004 and quickly prospered to gift a fan-favorite through her supervisor soft speaking voice, but roaring singing voice. She go on to *not-so spoiler alert* success the competition ~ a power of Porgy and also Bess" "Summertime."

Her performance, i m sorry left it s her (and numerous others) in tears, instantly catapulted her career. Former to ending up being a TV icon, the 35-year-old singer was a teenager mom. Barrino had her daughter Zion Quari in ~ 16 through her ex-boyfriend Brandel Shouse. She later had actually her second child, kid Dallas Xavier, whose father is quiet unknown.

Zion Quari, who turns 19 in respectable 2020, is a high school graduate, and like numerous other teens, is living her best selfie life top top Instagram. Together such, fans deserve to see how much she looks like her musically gifted mom.

Fantasia Barrino"s job was extremely successful adhering to her American Idol title. After beating her last opponent Diana DeGarmo by 1.3 million votes, the then-19-year-old mother-of-one walk on to have actually a successful career. Her debut album Free Yourself was released in November 2004 and also debuted in ~ number eight on the Billboard top 200 list.

She quickly came to be a renowned R&B singer and found placements on the Billboard warm R&B/Hip-Hop songs list v singles "Truth Is" and "Free Yourself," and the Billboard warm Adult R&B Airplay v "Truth Is." exterior of her music, Fantasia found a variety of means to obtain her voice heard. In 2004, she played Aretha Franklin in the TV series American Dreams and also even made a cameo on The Simpsons a year later. 

Her performance together Celie in the 2007 Broadway music The shade Purple gave way for her phase debut, which obtained wave reviews from countless publications. "Her voice, i beg your pardon in the start is small, pinched and also bruised, grows progressively big, resonant and also joyous," composed the Los Angeles Times, "Her body, closed in on itself, gradually unfolds, and her face, on i m sorry terror and also trust commingle, becomes radiant."

Although the singer"s life has remained in the spotlight, the very same can"t be stated for her look-alike daughter, who"s now practically the same age Fantasia was as soon as she appeared on American Idol.

Since she American Idol win, Fantasia Barrino has end up being a legend that her very own right exterior of just R&B music. She was the first artist of any genre to have actually two songs in the peak three the the Billboard hot Adult R&B Airplay. Her first single from she debut album "I Believe" debuted in ~ number one on the Billboard warm 100 chart list, which to be a an initial in the publication"s history.

Barrino also had a lifetime movie special, The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is no a Fairytale, which documented her turbulent early years. The movie (where Barrino play herself) came to be the 2nd most-viewed movie for the channel.

As for Zion Quari, not lot is known about the Charlotte, N.C. Teenager who keeps a pretty personal life. Her Instagram profile is strictly selfies with a couple of cameos from she mom and emoji-heavy captions. That knows if Zion will follow in she mom"s music footsteps, but she could have a successful career in the modeling world.

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Fantasia Barrino has devoted her life come Zion and also she even remembers the minute that she acquired hooked ~ above American Idol, mainly due to the fact that it showed her what she might have. "My daughter was about 2, and I to be living v a guy who took great care that us. I had been in abusive relationships with consistent fighting and black eyes, yet this guy taught me the abuse wasn"t love. He told me ns was beautiful. Anyway, i remember all my girlfriend talking around the show, but I never ever watched till the episode Ruben Studdard won. I just cried and also cried," she stated to Oprah Winfrey in an interview for O, The Oprah Magazine in September 2007.

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Barrino added to Oprah, "I to be crying since someone had finally gotten something the wanted. Ns was also a little angry: Why am ns sitting below in the ghetto, living on food stamps and a tiny government check? I"ll it is in honest: Those checks simply weren"t enough, and I had actually to steal what I required — diapers, milk, food." Luckily, her to sing pipes and also American Idol win catapulted her and Zion the end of poverty, an altering both the their stays for the better.