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Danny Koker is a writer and also producer. He shows up in fact shows, count Cars, Pawn Stars, and also American Restoration. Danny is married to Korie Koker.

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Quick truth of Danny Koker

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Social Media

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57 year 9 months
January 05, 1964
Danny Koker
Cleveland, Ohio, united States
$ 13 million
Television personality
Danny Koker
Mary Koker
University the Nevada
Light Brown
Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus
October, 2021
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Relationship truth of Danny Koker

Danny Koker is married come Korie Koker.He is father of None.Danny Koker is not having actually an affair v anyone presently.His sex-related orientation is straight.

More about the relationship

Danny Koker is a married man. That is married to Korie Koker. Korie is a co-owner that Count’s Vamp’d absent Bar & Grill. The couple took vow in the year 2015.

Their marriage is going strong as there is no news about any extramarital affairs at present. They do not have any children yet.

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Inside Biography

Who is Danny Koker?

Danny Koker is one American television personality. World mostly recognize him because that his appearance in the fact television series, ‘Counting Cars’.

Additionally, that is likewise the an innovative force and producer the the show. He loves cars and motorcycles so much that the is also called a car- and also bike-buying machine.

Danny Koker: Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Koker was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 5, 1964, together Daniel Nicholas Koker II. He to be born to parents mary Koker and Danny Koker.

In addition, he occurred an attention in automobiles due to the fact that his childhood years. He is of American nationality. Furthermore, his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Talking around his education, Koker attend Valley High School. Furthermore, he also went come the University that Nevada.

Danny Koker: Career, expert life

Danny Koker is mostly recognized for his appearance in the TV series ‘Counting Cars’. Additionally, he has likewise worked as the producer because that the show. Previously, he appeared in another TV series, ‘Pawn Stars.

Caption: Danny Koker and wife Korie (Source: Answersafrica)

Furthermore, Danny has also appeared in ‘The Weekend in Vegas’, ‘American Restoration’, ‘Late display with David Letterman’, ‘Criss point of view Mindfreak’, and ‘Saturday Fright at the Movies.

Apart from his work in television, Koker is also the leader that a hard rock band, ‘Count’s 77’.

The band contains members favor Paul Disibio, Tommy Paris, Barry Barnes, john Zito, and also Stoney Curtis. On 29th April 2014, the band released its debut album with Shrapnel Records.

In addition, Koker is the owner of the Count’s Tattoo Company establishment in las Vegas, Nevada. Furthermore, he is additionally the owner that the Count’s Kustoms auto repair service in ras Vegas.

Danny Koker: net worth, salary

Koker has not revealed his current salary. However, he has actually an approximated net worth of about $13 million at present.

According come sources, his private car collection is over 50 cars including The Danny van, 1969 Cadillac, 1972 Cutlass, 1972 Monte Carlo, 1973 Buick Rivera, 1974 Roadrunner, etc.

Danny Koker: Rumors, Controversy

Although ‘Counting Cars’ has actually been involved in several controversies over the years, Koker himself has not been component of any type of notable individual controversies. At present, there space no rumors concerning his life and career.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Talking about his body measurement, there room no details available around Danny Koker’s height and weight. His hair color is black and also his eye shade is irradiate brown.

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Social Media

Koker is energetic over social media such together Facebook and Twitter however he go not usage an Instagram account. That has more than 143k pendant on Twitter and also Similarly, his Facebook page has more than 66.8k followers.