how Old Is Batman throughout Dark knight Returns? leader Bob Garlen to write in with an exhaustive look at at how old Batman is in the Dark article Returns and also All Star Batman.

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Today, leader Bob Garlen wrote in and wanted come share some exhaustive research he did right into Batman"s age during Frank Miller"s assorted Batman comic publication stories and Bob did together a fine project that i am much more than ready to re-publishing it through you all. Here"s Bob!

Recently, I have actually been re-reading frank Miller Dark Knight collection (including every Star Batman and Robin) and I’ve been curious about Batman’s age through out the series. In the comics his age has been a pretty large question and I recently chose to take Frank Miller’s Batman works and decipher his age. I started with the couple of basics native Year One and also The Dark knight Returns and it led me under a weird hare hole where I ended up functioning on the ages of number of Batman characters in relation to open minded Miller’s works. Unfortunately, not every single answer I needed was accessible from the 6 Frank miller written publications I’ve been looking at, and I had to use information in-depth out through the write-up crisis canon. To fill in details gaps i researched write-up crisis canon, since Batman Year One was written as the official short article Crisis Batman Origin.

In this friend will view diligent detective work with details sources listed, I’m not an skilled on APA citation so I’ll describe them in text directly.

To start I’m walking to start with the first two candid Miller Batman story “Batman: The Dark article Returns” (DKR) and “Batman: Year One” (BY1). In BY1 it’s creates several crucial bits the information:

- Bruce is 25 year Old return to Gotham City In January.

- Bruce studied abroad for 12 Years.

- Bruce has Waited 18 year to come to be Batman. (Established in the opening page of BY1 worries 2)

It’s necessary to note that in the comic books, according to the DC Calendar 1976 Bruce Wayne’s date of birth is provided as February 19th. Including 1 final added detail native Year One

- Bruce Wayne to be 26 year Old once he became The Batman.

The following round of details that aid my look into the periods of candid Miller’s Batman personalities comes DKR, where we learn 3 things:

-It’s declared that the series is collection 40 year after Bruce’s Parents were murdered.

- James Gordon is retiring indigenous GCPD at age 70.

This expose that during the events of the collection that Bruce Wayne was 48 and also he retired at period 38 because of the death of Jason Todd. This also reveals that during the occasions of BY1 James Gordon to be 47/48. These key bits of information get things started. After discovering his age in candid Miller’s first Two Batman stories, ns wondered as to what Bruce Wayne’s period was in every Star Batman and Robin the boy Wonder (ASB). Discovering his period in ASB was by much the biggest challenge, however I did obtain a decent item of information to start:

while this is something that definitely helps, it doesn’t tell me enough. I started digging into one more piece of info at the same time, as I feeling this was crucial to discovering his period in ASB. I started looking up info on Jason Todd, together I knew at Jason Todd’s fatality Bruce was 38 (Actually transforming 38 in “Batman: The Dark Knight returns – The critical Crusade” (BLC). I felt if could build a considerable timeline because that Jason Todd’s time through Batman ns could likewise get a an extensive timeline for penis Grayson’s time with Batman and also thus reveal his age during ASB.

To acquire to this ns looked up Jason Todd’s death, feather for any clues indigenous “Batman: A fatality in the Family” (BDF) however found tiny to no details that aided me. The factor I looked into the period of Jason Todd in BDF to be to offer a parallel to what his age would have been in BLC. It no until analysis on a DC Wiki there was in reality a fatality certificate v an age. Ns looked increase the death certificate because that Jason Todd finding out that he passed away at age 15, top top April 27th. The date of April 27th was listed by Batman annual #25, exit in 2006. In “Batman #413” were in the letter pages it’s developed Jason Todd became Robin in ~ 12 years old.

This revealed that Jason Todd’s tenure as Robin lasted about 3-to-3 ½ years. This is certified as Detective Comics #790 it’s revealed Jason’s date of birth is respectable 16th. The next significant piece of info is discovered means into the Future of “Batman: The Dark knight Strikes Again” (DKS) where, in confrontation with cock Grayson, Batman reveals that fired him for incompetence. What renders this information essential is that in “Batman #408” wherein we meet short article Crisis Jason Todd, we likewise see Batman fire 19-year-old dick Grayson for incompetence after dick is shot in the shoulder by the Joker, and nearly dies. This gives the final puzzle piece.

Jason Todd is 15 as soon as he die as Bruce Wayne is 38. Jason’s tenure starts as soon as Bruce was 34 year old. Dick Grayson during this time to be 19 and also had been active as Robin because age 12 giving his tenure as Robin to it is in 7 years. Pass Bruce Wayne’s period to being 27 years old throughout the time the ASB making the take ar only a year after BY1.

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Now the the ASB period is solved and DKR period is known, to number out the age throughout DKS and also “Batman: The Dark knight III: The master Race” (DK3) becomes much simpler. Each book states that it’s only 3 years eliminated from the previous.

Bruce Wayne’s age in DKS is 51, while in DK3 that is 54. All with each other this gives some specific information to job-related off of if spring at other characters. It’s straightforward to establish that Commissioner Gordon is just 22 year Older than Bruce. ASB also gives united state Barbara Gordon’s age, establishing her as 15, thereby making she 14 during BY1 (Why she’s nowhere in BY1 is past me, however the concept I would have actually is Jim Gordon waited until he felt the was for sure to lug her to Gotham and also that she continued to be with loved ones in Chicago.)

Even finding out Barbara’s age the mathematics becomes nice simple. The age difference between her and also Bruce is only 12 years. This permits me to establish her period for details story points in the candid Miller Batman Canon. The critical character of period I could discover is Carrie Kelley, tried together I could I just couldn’t find anything to imply Alfred’s age and could only come up through vague guesses but with Carrie there appears to be some specifics to she age.

In DKS Carrie provides her age as 16 and considering DKR is set 3 year earlier way she to be 13 during Batman’s return and also in DK3 she is 19. This gives specific ages because that a considerable timeline of open minded Miller’s Batman series. Going based off crucial events, the periods of the personalities go as follows:

The death of Dr. Thomas and also Martha Wayne:

Bruce Wayne – 8 years Old

James Gordon – 30 years Old

Bruce’s Time abroad (12 years Abroad):

Bruce Wayne – 13 – 25 years Old

James Gordon – 35 – 47 years Old

Barbara Gordon – 2 – 14 year Old

Richard Grayson – 0 – 11 year Old

Jason Todd – 0 – 3 years Old

Bruce returns to Gotham and also Becomes Batman (Batman Year One):

Bruce Wayne – 25 year Old (Return) 26 years Old (Becomes Batman)

James Gordon – 47 years Old (Bruce’s Return) 48 year Old (After Bruce becomes Batman)

Barbara Gordon – 14 year Old

Richard Grayson – 11 year Old

Jason Todd – 3 years Old

Bruce Adopts prick Grayson (All Star Batman and Robin the boy Wonder):

Bruce Wayne – 27 year Old

James Gordon – 49 years Old

Barbara Gordon – 15 year Old

Richard Grayson – 12 year Old

Jason Todd – 4 years Old

Bruce Fires dick Grayson, by Jason Todd:

Bruce Wayne – 34 years Old

James Gordon – 56 year Old

Barbara Gordon – 22 year Old

Richard Grayson – 19 years Old

Jason Todd – 12 years Old

Jason Todd Dies, Bruce Retires (Batman: The Dark Knight returns The last Crusade):

Bruce Wayne – 38 year Old

James Gordon – 60 year Old

Barbara Gordon – 26 years Old

Richard Grayson – 23 years Old

Jason Todd – 15 years Old (Died prior to his Birthday)

Carrie Kelley – 3 year Old

Bruce Returns as Batman, James Gordon Retires (Batman: The Dark article Returns):

Bruce Wayne – 48 years Old

James Gordon – 70 year Old

Barbara Gordon – 36 year Old

Richard Grayson – 33 year Old

Carrie Kelley – 13 years Old

Batman Strikes Again in ~ Lex Luthor and Brainiac if fighting against a new Joker… cock Grayson (Batman: The Dark knight Strikes Again):

Bruce Wayne – 51 year Old

James Gordon – 73 year Old

Barbara Gordon – 39 years Old

Richard Grayson – 36 year Old (Dies)

Carrie Kelley – 16 year Old

Batman fight the Kryptonians after beam Palmer unshrinks Kandor (Batman: The Dark items III – The grasp Race):

Bruce Wayne – 54 years Old

James Gordon – 76 year Old

Barbara Gordon – 41 year Old

Carrie Kelley – 19 years Old

Well done, Bob!

Okay, folks, if girlfriend have any kind of interesting comic book related story the you"d choose to check out me feature in a future understanding Waits or if you have some original scholarship choose Bob below that you"d prefer to re-publishing (I"m no saying that ns necessarily will share it, yet if it"s great like Bob"s, then sure), feel totally free to autumn me a line at brianc