To the world, Teresa Caldwell is the mother and manager come rapper Bow Wow. But underneath the surface, the rockstar “momager” is so much more. ~ above Wednesday, might 20, Caldwell opened up come Atlanta black color Star in an exclusive telephone interview around her upcoming memoir, “I once Was Her.” In the book, she dishes about her traumatic childhood, the physical and also emotional abuse she sustained in the past, and also her experience elevating a child as a solitary mother.

During the interview, Caldwell recounted she rocky connection with she parents, implying the they left a few scars on her childhood. “I want to it is in a daddy’s girl. Ns loved mine dad. However my dad..I felt like my dad called me names. Ns felt prefer he wasn’t a an excellent father and so cultivation up i attracted my dad. I attracted males who weren’t an excellent men,” she said.

Teresa Caldwell (Courtesy the Teresa Caldwell)

“I called myself and also I made a promise come God. I was like, ‘I’m walk to it is in the finest mother the I deserve to be due to the fact that I would never ever ever want my son to go through what i went through,” she concluded.

As for regulating her son, the Ohio aboriginal expressed the the music industry adjusted and to be no much longer fun because that her. When she stepped ago from regulating Bow Wow’s laboratory career, she still monitor his television and also film endeavors. On peak of focusing on she son, Caldwell is an interior designer for some deluxe clients. She memoir will be released on June 26. She hinted the she wanted her book to offer as a testimony because that people, explaining that people can overcome anything.

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“I want my fans to take far from my publication that you can push v the pain… through God.. You can push through it,” she concluded.