He"s in the headlines a many right now for his duty in "Coming 2 America" with Eddie Murphy. But for a long time, Arsenio room was nothing an ext than a little of nostalgia for fans the his long-running "90s/00s speak show.

The reason for his lack from Hollywood wasn"t a negative one, though; Arsenio was elevating his son.

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Arsenio room has talked about leaving his career to treatment for his young child as a single dad (though Jr."s mother apparently "helped" out). Yet that to be ages earlier -- where"s his son now, and also what walk Arsenio room Jr. Do?

exactly how Old Is Arsenio hall Jr.?

Though pan might photo an elementary-age kid when Arsenio room talks around taking time turn off to hang through his son, Arsenio hall Jr. Is about 22 years old now. Once he went turn off to college, it was another turning point in Hall"s now-revived career.

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v an "empty nest" in ~ home, hall explained, the felt like it to be time to re-start his work where he"d left off. The doesn"t typical he and his boy aren"t tho close, though; lock hang out often, as evidenced by Hall"s Instagram.

that Is Arsenio hall Jr."s Mother?

In interviews, once Hall Sr. Talks around taking time off to raise his son, and also how difficult it was, pan balk a bit. He has dubbed himself a single dad, but in the exact same breath claimed that Jr."s mom helped him the end (and therefore did his mom).

however Hall might be completely justified in calling himself a single dad; he likely had primary custody of Arsenio Jr., so the onus was top top him come raise his boy right. And in an interview v Oprah, Arsenio had barely stated his son prior to he was driven to tears, that"s how much he values his function in his kid"s life.

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together for Jr."s mom, she"s Cheryl Bonacci, and she and Arsenio Sr. Date from 1987 to 2002 (Jr. To be born in 1999). However from what Arsenio has said in interviews, the doesn"t sound choose she has actually remained as involved in Jr."s life as her ex.

What go Arsenio room Jr. Do?

The quick answer is the Arsenio Jr. Doesn"t really do anything -- yet. In fact, he simply recently i graduated from college, and also his proud dad was eager to share the milestone.

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resources say room Jr. Attended Indiana University, and also his current graduation was most likely a an extremely intense minute for his dad. After ~ all, Arsenio has spent decades raising his son very carefully, even disallowing set visits while that was working on his display (which involved adult jokes).


through his many recent film not receiving good reviews, Hall has a most work front of that -- yet he"s gained Jr."s support, also as his son starts his own career.

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