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We"ve most likely all checked out the charts that offer dogs a expectation in "human" years. Its one easy method for us to relate just how old our dog is compared to us. I"ve often wondered how old few of our rabbits are in person years. So I produced the table listed below after some cautious analysis.

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Rabbit / person Years Table

rabbit Age world Age 1 main 1 year

2 mainly 2 years 3 weeks 4 year 4 main 6 year 2 months 8 year 3 month 10 years 4 months 12 years 5 months 14 years 6 month 16 year 1 year 21 year 2 years 27 years
3 years 33 year 4 year 39 year 5 years 45 year 6 years 51 years 7 year 57 year 8 years 63 year 9 years 69 year 10 year 75 years

Rabbit Life Expectancy

i looked an initial at life expectations for both people and also rabbits. The basic concencus for people is a life expectancy of around 75 years. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to this number, together as where on this planet you live. Finding specific scientific answers regarding life expectations of rabbits to be a little difficult. So ns averaged every little thing I found and also came up through a life expectancy of 10 years.

Basics Behind the Calculation

I thought it would certainly be simple at an initial but ran right into some complications. The basic thing to do would it is in to division the 75 year life expectancy of human beings by the 10 years of life expectations of a rabbit, and say the every one year of rabbit life would be same to 7.5 years of human being life. The looks all cute and everything till you say that a 6 month old hare which has reached sexual maturity is same to a 4 year old human. Thats not going to work.

A rabbit reaches sex-related maturity at about 6 month of age. Civilization get come that suggest around 16 years of age (note: although they have actually reached sex-related maturity, they typically are not yet mature in various other ways). So the was my second age a 6 month old rabbits is same to a 16 year old person. (My first was a 10 year old rabbit is same to a 75 year old person.

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The next step to be to to fill in the at an early stage years. Having actually both children and also rabbits, I began to to compare their actions at assorted stages. Amazing how much actions is paralled. ~ finishing the early on years ns then evenly spaced out the later on years and also came up with the over table.