If you′re under eighteen, most landlords won′t rental to you there is no a parental or guardian co-signing the lease. This may be age discrimination, but it isn′t illegal. Owners and also landlords need a legally responsible adult to be on the lease or rental agreement.

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Once you′ve moved in, you′re forced to pay the monthly rent and whatever additional expenses are spelled out in her agreement. This may incorporate the an initial and last month′s rent, utilities (gas, electric,water), the phone and also cable bill, and also a protection or damages deposit. If your name is top top the lease, you′re legit responsible for the apartment and for paying the costs for the entire term the the lease.


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You′ll be given firm days for paying your rent and also the terms for any damage to the property. If you leaving the ar in the same condition as as soon as you moved in, your security deposit will certainly be refunded. Review your lease commitment carefully prior to signing it, and also don′t forget to save a copy because that yourself. Walk over it with your parents and read the good print.

If you have valuable personal property in your new place, think about buying renter′s insurance. It might seem choose an unnecessary expense, yet if someone division in and also takes your clothes, stereo, and also sporting equipment, you′ll be left empty-handed uneven you have insurance. If you′re covered, you′ll be able to replace what′s to be stolen.


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Hello, I’m Madison and I have actually a friend who was kicked out of his home. I want to assist out and get that a location to stay, but we’re both 16 and also I’m not certain that I can get a parental signature on a lease. We live in Pueblo Colorado, room there apartments the don’t call for an adult top top the lease? Or must I find some other location for him? I hate to understand that he’s grounding living ~ above the highways at the same age as me.Dear Madison: We’re glad to view you care for her friend and want to assist him. However, recognize a landlord who would rent to a minor without a co-signor is close to impossible. Maybe there’s a residence for teenagers in your area, or a homeless shelter that takes teens. Friend could call them and also ask around a location where he have the right to stay. An excellent luck.(This is info only – not legal advice).


Could you get one in ~ 17That would count on her state’s laws, the policies of the landlord, and the willingness of her parents/guardian come co-sign a rental covenant if a co-signor is required. Good luck.(This is information only – no legal advice).


I simply turned 19 2 months ago and i would like to understand if ns am legally may be to rental my own apartment in the state the TexasDear Kiara: in ~ 19, you are legally an adult for many purposes. Whether you space able to gain your own ar to live counts on the owners of the property and the terms of the lease or rental agreement you sign. Castle may choose to have a co-signer top top the lease uneven you can show them the you’re financially responsible. Numerous states have landlord/tenant associations where you can get advice based on the specific laws in Texas. You have the right to ask about this in ~ your neighborhood public library. Great luck.(This is information only – not legal advice).

I’m 12 but my friend desires to recognize if you are 13 or 14 deserve to you rental a apartment v a parental consent and then co-signing the lease or execute you still need to live in your parents houseDear RJ: As lengthy as you’re under 18, not married or emancipated under your state’s emancipation laws, you’re forced to hear to your parents & obey your rules. The is highly unlikely that a landlord would accept a co-signor for a 13 or 14 year old. The potential liability would certainly be too an excellent to enter into this kind of agreement. Good luck.(This is information only – not legal advice).

Okay so ns am only 11 year old and I need a place to remain where would you suggest that be??Dear Selayah: If girlfriend left home without your parent’s permission, you’re what’s taken into consideration a runaway. Over there is a helpline you can call at any kind of time of day or night for information to aid you out. The number because that the nationwide Runaway regime is 1-800-786-2929. When you tell them whereby you room (what city or state), they can put you in touch with assistance nearby. An excellent luck.(This is details only – not legal advice).

My 19 year old son gone into into a Lease with an off campus apartment facility without having actually a full time job, at least 3X the rent amount or a Adult Guarantor. That did not get the resources required to attend the school and also wants to go to school locally until his instance is addressed is there anyway the he can legally be responsible because that a 10 month lease?Dear Stacie: First, her 19 year-old son is one adult through law. A lease is a contract that is binding on both sides. The is bound by the terms of the contract unless they room illegal or against public policy. Take it a near look in ~ the lease to see what his legal responsibility is ~ above this lease. Great luck.(This is info only – no legal advice).

Can i rent a apartment at the age of 16Dear Kobus: That relies on the specific laws where you live. Every state has actually laws about rental leases and the period of majority (which is usually 18). However, a landlord can agree to rental to a teenager through an adult (parent or guardian) agreeing to be a co-signor top top the lease. Google the surname of your state and also “age for apartment leases” for the details the would use to you.Good luck.(This is details only – no legal advice).

Hi, ns am a an elderly in high school and also 17 years old. Am I permitted to rent my very own studio apartment?PS i live in new JerseyDear Amaya: Under the legislations in your state, you end up being an adult at age 18 (the period of majority). That method a landlord wouldn’t most likely rent an apartment to you until you revolve 18. At that time, legit contracts end up being enforceable. In addition, together a minor, if a landlord was to rental a studio come you, castle would most likely ask because that a co-signor who is an adult such as a parental or guardian. Good luck.(This is details only – no legal advice).

If your emancipated and also 16 space you able to rental an apartment? I would be most likely living through a friend of mine who my age.Dear Kaitlyn: Yes, if you room legally emancipated under the regulations in your state, girlfriend should be able to rent one apartment. That course, there’s naught that calls for a landlord to rent to you. You’ll have actually to display the landlord proof of your emancipation. An excellent luck. (This is info only – not legal advice).

please email me with an ext info.Dear Bre’untia: You’ll should write your concern so we understand what information you space looking for and we’ll shot to answer her question. Thanks.

can one 16 year old rental an apartment in VirginiaDear Diamond: over there aren’t too numerous landlords that would rent come a young (under 18). That’s because of contract laws and legal responsibility issues in many states. Through an adult co-signor, girlfriend may have the ability to rent one apartment. Or if you’re legit emancipated under the legislations of Virginia, climate you’re may be to rent on her own. An excellent luck.(This is information only – no legal advice).

will I be able to have my very own apartment in mine name as soon as I’m 18 v my boyfriend (who will additionally be 18)Dear Marissa: In many states, as soon as you turn 18 you’re thought about a legit adult. That way you should have the ability to rent one apartment, however that will depend on the landlord’s policies and also requirements to get in into a lease. Good luck.(This is details only – not legal advice).

I need help finding a apartment. Can you administer for a teenager? My surname is Daleana Jackson i live in a trouble household. Ns stay right into it with my mother . I especially, stay into it through my step-dad. I need assist to find a location to live to separate myself native the drama in my home.

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Dear Daleana: We’re sorry to hear around your situation. However, as lengthy as you’re under 18, you may uncover it difficult to uncover a ar that you can rent. Many owners/landlords call for an adult co-signor and proof of employed or other means of support. If your parents space willing to collection you increase in an apartment, that might work. Otherwise, friend may need to make the ideal of things until you’re one adult. Great luck.(This is details only – no legal advice).