FOR half a year, Chloe Shelton limited her diet to 20 calorie a day. She could hardly go or breathe, and heard voices in her head.

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TRIGGER WARNING: This short article contains information about anorexia i m sorry may affect vulnerable readers.

This shocking photograph shows the entire amount a teenage girl suffering from anorexia ate in one month.

For fifty percent a year Chloe Shelton, then 17, minimal herself to simply 20 calories a day, causing her weight to plummet keolistravelservices.come a concerned four stone (25kg).

Her daily intake contained just one lettuce gem, a quarter of a cucumber, a deserve to of Coke Zero and ten cup of eco-friendly tea to save herself hydrated.

Chloe developed anorexia in ~ the age of seven, having been bullied at major school for being “fat”.

She cases she was taunted by a voice in she head called Ana that motivated her to starve herself.

Speaking to The Sun around her extreme diet, Chloe told how at 16 she was eating as small as 100 to 200 calorie a day.

As the voice in she head worsened, she ongoing to deprive herself.

By 17 she had decreased her day-to-day intake to simply 20 calories, a habit she sustained for the bulk of the adhering to six months.


At 17 Chloe to be eating just 20 calorie a day many days. Picture: PA actual Life

Sun Dr Carol Cooper claimed Chloe’s excessive diet will certainly have had actually a devastating influence on she body.

She explained: “The main thing she’s going to run quick of is energy.

“It will affect on her energy and her mood. She’ll gain ratty and feel anxious, perhaps depressed.

“There’s not sufficient calories for energy and for mood and also there’s hardly any type of protein so her muscles will certainly waste away. And also her skin will suffer, the will keolistravelservices.come to be dry and flaky.

“Doing this for lengthy periods the time will mean she’ll run brief of every sorts the vitamins, her bones will gain thinner, she’ll gain anaemic, her hair will drop out and her periods will stop.”

Chloe admitted she didn’t realise she was anorexic until she checked out college.

She explained: “I started exercising keolistravelservices.compulsively because that two and a half hours almost every day.

“I additionally started taking about 20 laxatives in one go.

“It caused troubles with my digestive system, seizures and also even hallucinations.

“The college nurse thought I had an eat disorder and got in touch v the children Adolescent and also Mental Health service (CAMHS) who later on formally diagnosed me.

“Eventually, CAMHS placed me ~ above bed remainder for four months. Ns weighed just four stone and mine waist was 18 inches.

“I to be so weak my mum had to help lift my head.

“My heart rate dropped, my hair began falling out and also my skin to be grey.

“I was constantly cold, my breathing was shallow and I couldn’t walk without assistance.

“I additionally had difficulties sleeping.

“I to be dying. It to be scary.”

Chloe is now recovering v the aid of she supportive family, friends and also her cat. Picture: PA actual Life

But now, thanks to she supportive family, friend Josh Gibson and her pet kitten PixieBelle, the 18-year-old has actually turned she life around.

Chloe currently weighs a healthy and balanced eight-and-a-half rock (53kg) and is in the running for the title of miss out on Leicester, through her sights set on the miss England contest.

She is also studying Psychology and Counselling at the open University.

Chloe admitted the voice in she head is “still there”, yet with the aid of consistent therapy she’s fighting it.

She said: “My message to rather is, you re welkeolistravelservices.come don’t it is in offended or motivated by the photos of me ago then.

“They aren’t attractive and also they aren’t intended to cause harm.

“I desire to advanced awareness of just how disgusting this illness makes your body and also how unnatural the is.

“This isn’t a game. This illness almost killed me number of times.

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“Thankfully, the love of my boyfriend, family, friends and also a little kitten saved me.

“In the miss out on Leicester contest, I want to to walk proud down the catwalk and also show world that I’ve made it through and I’m solid again.”

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