Renowned restauranteur and Shake shower founder Danny Meyer once asserted that “the American device of tipping is azer for all parties involved.”

That’s particularly true for countless travelers that are faced with countless tipping instances at airports, hotels, restaurants and car services — not to cite different tipping personalizeds in international countries.

Uncertainty about whether, or what, to leaving for a tip deserve to go beyond awkwardness for travelers and become perplexing, confusing, embarrassing and also even stressful. So I dubbed in etiquette skilled Diane Gottsman, the owner the The Protocol institution of Texas and author of modern-day Etiquette for a better Life, to carry out guidance and also advice, and, hopefully, eliminate tipping-related stress on your following trip.

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“When traveling, that no surprise that tipping will be part of the experience, so nothing be captured off guard,” she advises. “Go come the bank, and stock increase on cash — $1 and also $5 bills. You will use them!”

There are plenty of bags to bring daily in ~ Chicago"s O"Hare global Airport. At curbside,... <+> passengers must tip a baggage handler $2 per bag or an ext for great service, says etiquette experienced Diane Gottsman. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Here is Gottsman’s overview to remaining, or becoming, a great tipper when traveling domestically:

Airport package Handler

An average tip is $2 per bag, “but feel cost-free to give more for particularly good service, aer or heavy bags, one-of-a-kind requests and a cheery attitude.”

Hotel Concierge

For rapid directions come the nearest coffee shop, no tip is required. However, for acquiring “easy” theater tickets or dinner reservations, reminder $5-$10. Because that difficult-to-secure tickets, appointments or one-of-a-kind services, guideline $20 or more.

Hotel Housekeeper

A typical mistake is to pointer housekeepers at the end of the visit. It’s vital to reminder $3-$5 daily, due to the fact that employees readjust from someday to another. If there room multiple world staying in a room, a good rule of ignorance is $1 per human daily.


Tip $1-$2 per bag, but, if you only have actually one or 2 bags, make it worth the bellman’s trip and also give that $5.

Hotel Valet

When they carry your automobile to the curb, guideline $2-$5.

Hotel Doorman that Hails A Cab or gives Other Services

Tip $2-$5 for assist with hailing a taxi, giving an umbrella, help you through your bags. “The dominion of thumb: If castle touch it — bags, luggage, extra pillows, etcetera — you tip them.”

Taxi Cab Driver

A minimum that 15 percent is average. Offer 20 percent and above for a driver who assists girlfriend with heavy luggage and “doesn’t fear the daylights the end of girlfriend by taking tight corners and also weaving in and out of traffic en route to her hotel or destination.”

Uber or Lyft Driver

Select a preset lot or customize your tip. Comparable to a taxi driver, 15 percent to 20 percent is standard. Both Uber and also Lyft vehicle drivers greatly appreciate gratuity, and a hopeful rating. Don’t forget that drivers additionally rate riders.

Restaurant Waiter/Waitress

A minimum of 15 percent come 20 percent that the restaurant invoice is standard, and also give an ext for “exceptional service.”

Waiter/Waitress during Breakfast or lunch Buffet

Attendants who fill your water glass, retrieve an additional roll, carry out a utensil or clear her dishes need to be accommodated v $1-$2 dollars every diner.

Wine Steward

If they assist choose a bottle or pick it because that you, it’s appropriate to reminder 10 percent to 20 percent of the wine invoice only.


If running a tab, reminder 15 percent to 20 percent of the bill, or $1-$2 per drink. “Dropping loosened change in a jar once it amounts to a few cents is impolite.”

Bartender that Serves a meal

Tip 15 percent to 20 percent. If the bar business is different from the enjoy the meal service, reminder each server individually.

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Tipping in foreign Countries

Travelers heading come a foreign country should do thorough research around the country"s customs, protocol and also tipping practices. "Some nations include gratuity in your fees but won’t be offended if you tip additional, while some would certainly be offended v a tip."


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