Square envelopes are mainly used because that advertising, Greeting cards, and also invitations. Square Envelopes have their distinctive shape, look modern, and an ext durable than other envelopes.

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How much does it expense to letter a square envelope Postage?

Square Envelope, Oversized, or unusually shaped envelope will expense you an extra $0.20 every letter. For a 1oz conventional Envelope or rectangle-shaped Envelope, usually it calls for a $0.55 stamp. Letter which are Squared kind considered together Odd Sized, which results in greater prices because that Postages.

Above room the standard USPS postage rates. You deserve to see much more updated prices on their official site as well. So addition of Extra 20 cents, Square envelope full cost will be ( $0.20 + $0.55 = $0.75 ) also if lock weigh less than 1 oz or same to 1oz.

For 2oz Square Envelope letter its will be ($0.75 + $0.20 = $0.95).For 3oz Square Envelope letter its will certainly be ($0.95 + $0.20 = $1.15).

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Why Square Envelope Postage prices some extra Cents?

According come USPS, rectangular Envelopes room processed in a short period. Due to the fact that an envelope have the right to be got hold of by among its longer sides, the machine can easily locate the upper and also Lower finish Corner.

It’s straightforward for a device to check out the deal with and course the person’s envelope easily. ~ above the various other hand, Square envelopes carry out not have actually a long side to land top top the an equipment automatically. The an equipment will require some extra measures to adjust the envelope and also read it easily. But it’s basic for a machine to eliminate a square envelope indigenous the sorter.

Human authorized is crucial to placed the attend to into the system manually so that it might be routed to the correct write-up office. So that’s why over there is a $.20 surcharge as result of the non-machinable envelope for the very first Oz.

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Characteristics that Non-Machinable or Odd sized Letters

Square type envelops strictly Envelopes Lumpy type Envelopes Envelopes wall surface thickness much more than 1/4″ Vertical type envelopes Envelops that have strings and clasps

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Square Envelope Sizes


Envelope TypeSize in InchesSize in Millimeter
5 Square5 x 5127 x 127
5 1/2 Square5.5 x 5.5140 x 140
6 Square6 x 6152 x 152
6 1/2 Square6.5 x 6.5165 x 165
7 Square7 x 7178 x 178
7 1/2 Square7.5 x 7.5190 x 190

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