You may be surprised just how much food turtles can consume. Turtles will constantly beg for more food, and also could more than likely eat all day if they to be left to it. This does not necessarily average that they space hungry, or are starving because that food, castle are simply sometimes a tiny gluttonous.

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If you think that your turtle is pigging out, we have actually a handy overview of how regularly to feed a red eared slider.

Red eared sliders are several of the most popular types of pet turtles throughout the globe. They are a tool sized each other of freshwater turtle, well-known to live long, healthy and balanced lives for many years. This renders them the perfect companion, yet you will must know just how to treatment for lock properly.


How often To feeding A Red Eared Slider

Red eared sliders have a particularly large appetite, and also will act as if they space starving every the time! the is essential not to offer in and overfeed her turtle, together they will certainly take as much as they can get without refusing any food.

The best method to treatment for her red eared slider is to feed it as soon as a day. However, you will need to be mindful of what you feed it, depending upon how old it is. Red eared sliders of various ages will certainly require different diets.

For example, young red eared sliders will certainly need an ext protein in their diet every day, whereas older red eared sliders will need much more of a vegetables orientated diet to save them as healthy and balanced as possible.

How come Tell exactly how Old her Red Eared Slider Is

If girlfriend did not have your red eared slider from once it to be born, or very young, climate you will need to identify its period in bespeak to feeding it the proper diet that it requires. Some argue the you can find how old a turtle is by looking in ~ its scutes, yet this method is unreliable, and the scutes are tough to find on a red eared slider!

The best method to determine exactly how old your red eared slider is is to study its turtle shell. You can quite simply discover out your red eared slider’s period by looking at the size and the color of the shell!

To perform this, all you must do is take it a measuring ice or a leader to determine the size. Friend will desire to measure up from the topmost component of the covering from the turtle’s head, down previous the middle of the shell and also towards the rear. This is to identify the length, rather than the broad of the specific shell.

If your red eared slider is that a specific age, climate the shell will have actually varying distinguishable features. A young red eared slider is referred to as a hatchling if it is less than six months old, conversely, it would be referred to as a juvenile for six months to two years of age.

After reaching the two year milestone, your red eared slider will certainly be one adult. Each stage in the turtle’s life will have actually an effect on the color and also size the its shell. Because that instance:

Hatchling (less than 6 month old)

Shell will certainly be around 2 inches long, or 5-6 centimeters in lengthShell will certainly be a bright ton of green, or a really light shade of green

Juvenile (6 month old come 2 year of age)

Shell will be approximately 4 customs longAt this age, the shell will adjust to a much deeper, darker shade of green

Adult (2 year old or more)

Shell will certainly measure an ext than 4 inch long, and also can be approximately 12 inch in lengthShell will certainly be a much darker color, closer to a black color or brown shade

What To feeding A Red Eared Slider

Red eared sliders are actually omnivores, and also in the wild, they will certainly eat a mixture of both animal and also plant sources. This contains worms, aquatic plants, fish and many other sources of food.

In most cases, a red eared slider will require a diet of approximately 50% vegetables, 25% pellets and 25% that another source of protein such together mealworms.

That being said, what friend feed her red eared slider will rely on how old that is. A hatchling and a juvenile turtle have various feeding needs than a totally grown adult slider and also so you should readjust your turtle’s feeding accordingly.

For instance, a hatchling and also juvenile red eared slider will require feeding at the very least once a day. Together your tortoise grows right into an adult, they actually only require feeding every various other day, yet they will desire food every one of the time!

In addition, hatchlings will need only a small amount that vegetables, and will require much much more protein uncovered in pellets to sustain them. Girlfriend can additionally treat them to various sources of protein together they will require it!

As red eared sliders prosper to the youth stage, they will certainly still need to be offered a couple of vegetables, yet they may not take to them. Juvenile turtles still need pellets for protein, but not together frequently. You might feed a youth turtle part protein as soon as a week rather than every few days.

On the other hand, adults perform not should eat practically as much. One adult red eared slider will need much an ext of a vegetable-heavy diet, and also will need much much less protein together they thrive older. Through adult red eared sliders, the is recommended that you only offer a source of protein roughly once or double a week, relying on how old castle are.

The ideal vegetables because that a red eared slider space kale, anacharis, red-leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce. You will also want come balance your diet v pellets together asTetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticksand Natural Aquatic tortoise Food With growth Formula.

These pellets will certainly ensure the they have the appropriate amount of protein, but your tortoise will give thanks to you for secondary source of protein such together crayfish, krill, earthworms or ghost shrimp.

Why Is My turtle Eating for this reason Much?

You may notice that her red ear slider is eating very frequently, and also begging for many food. This does no necessarily mean that it is hungry or starving, as turtles are normally opportunistic eaters in the wild.

They must find their prey, and never know where their next meal is comes from, so normally they eat as lot as they have the right to when they find it.

However, this is not the situation for a tortoise living as a pet or in an aquarium, together they will have actually a feeding schedule whereby there is constantly food available. In an aquarium, your turtle has actually the luxury of having actually various various proteins, pellets and also vegetation come feast on, so it is no wonder they try to fill their bellies!

You have to keep in mental that regardless of its binge-eating, your turtle is no starving come death, and also you should stick to the diet and feeding schedule that is an ideal for your turtle.

Why You must Not Overfeed A Turtle

Turtles room actually really opportunistic, and will eat whatever is placed in former of them. This can reason a problem, and make overfeeding them really easy. However, overfeeding a tortoise is not advised together it can cause a few health troubles for the reptile.

Overfeeding your red eared slider can lead to excessive weight problems and even liver disease, so the is essential that friend stick come a tight feeding schedule. Tortoise can likewise beg for food native you, and you should resist the advice to store feeding them!

In addition, turtles have the right to refuse food occasionally or prevent eating come digest the food that they have currently consumed. This can also confuse owners and think the they need much more food, or over there is an concern with the diet.

If you room concerned about your turtle’s eating habits, climate consult a veterinary or professional prior to making changes to exactly how you feed her turtle.


If you have actually a red eared slider, climate it is important that you have a good feeding routine. Most red eared sliders deserve to be fed once daily, or every various other day if much older.

Additionally, the is an important that you feed her turtle the right foods items according come its age and size.

For example, hatchlings deserve to have protein every day, vice versa, juveniles require proteins every other day, and also adults should have really little. In enhancement to this, adult turtles will must be fed much much less than younger ones, maybe every various other day or also just twice a week together they age.

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The best foods for red eared sliders room proteins, pellets and vegetables, v the latter making up the bulk of the diet.

With proper care and attention, your red eared slider can live for approximately 30 years!