There are 39 grams of street in a 12 oz Coca-Cola can. Our smaller portion sizes, like our 7.5 oz mini soda can, have less sugar and fewer calories.

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Coca-Cola come in several sizes (availability varies based upon geography).

7.5 oz – 25g that sugar and also 90 calories8 oz – 26g that sugar and also 100 calories8.5 oz – 28g the sugar and also 100 calories12 oz – 39g the sugar and also 140 calories16 oz – 52g of sugar and 190 calories20 oz – 65g the sugar and 240 calorie

We space committed come making much more reduced- and no-sugar versions of numerous of the drinks you love available and making them simpler to find.

18 of our 20 top an international brands have a reduced- or no-sugar optionIn 2018, there were around 400 reformulations approximately the worldIn the U.S., 250 the the 800+ beverages we offer are reduced- and also no-sugar44% of our sparkling soft drink brand come in convenient packages the 250 mL (8.5 oz.) or less.

People’s tastes and also preferences room changing, therefore we’re changing, too. Pushed by our enthusiasm for consumers, we have actually been changing our mindset and also culture, as well as the means we measure our success, bring about bold activity to change our portfolio.

Gradually to reduce sugar across our whole portfolio - we room taking action on street reduction even where it means changes come our most popular, time-tested products—putting our toughness in creation to job-related for our consumers’ evolving needs.Making smaller, an ext convenient packages so managing sugar input is easier - smaller, more convenient packaging helps people control street intake much more easily because that themselves and also their families. Today, around 44% of ours sparkling soft drink brand come in convenient packages that 250 mL (8.5 oz.) or less. Offering much more new drink that provide benefits favor nutrition and hydration - we’re in search of ways, whenever we can, come make countless of our beverages far better and more nutritious by providing vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, while likewise introducing much more dairy, plant-based beverages and different sweet level alternatives to accomplish an increasing range of customer choices. Through this in mind, us launched more than 600 products in 2018 including:Sprite Fiber+, a no-sugar drink with dietary fiber and also the flavor and refreshment consumers mean from Sprite, was released in China.Coca-Cola Batch Blends Coffee and Chocolate, a no-sugar beverage combining refreshing Coca-Cola taste v chocolate and real coffee indigenous Brazil, was released in Vietnasmartwater alkaline, i beg your pardon is ionized to ensure the pH level is 9+, was introduced in choose U.S. Markets.Giving human being the details they must make educated choices - we proceed to placed clear, easy-to-find nutrition information right increase front come support educated choices, there is no the guesswork. Us lead the food and beverage industry in voluntarily front-of-package calorie labeling.

People have actually been enjoying Coca-Cola for 130 years. Castle love the distinct taste. But, we know civilization have concerns about eating or drink too much sugar. The is why we’re taking action should friend want less sugar. This contains reducing sugar in an ext than 500 of ours drinks around the world.

And so girlfriend have selections to aid manage your sugar and calorie intake, us have:

a range of great-tasting beverages with reduced or no sugarsmaller sizes available, choose our 7.5-oz. Mini soda cans of Coca-Cola and morecalorie info right on prior of ours bottles and cans – ideal where you have the right to see it

Many of ours beverages contain sugar, which has actually calories. While street is good in moderation, too much of the isn’t an excellent for anyone. Having actually too many calories, consisting of from soft drinks v sugar, can add to load gain.

We desire to provide you choices, therefore you deserve to decide what’s ideal for your lifestyle and diet. Us offer an ext than 800 beverages in the U.S. That these, 250 are reduced- or no-sugar.

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Check the end these options, including sugar-free soda:

Diet CokeCoke Zero SugarDASANIGold top Unsweetened TeasmartwaterSprite Zerovitaminwater zero

We recognize it’s vital for you to have clear nutrition facts around your favourite beverages. That’s why us make it an easy and simple to find. Look at the Nutrition facts label. The on the ago of every can or bottle and also shows how much sugar her drink has.