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There can’t it is in a better job than being civilization famous for talking around college football and also traveling to some of the best stadiums and also atmospheres because that the biggest gamings of the year.

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Kirk Herbstreit is best known for doing just that, and he’s do a killing throughout his career as an American sporting activities analyst. As among the encounters of ESPN college GameDay and a voice of college football games, it’s no wonder the 52-year-old renders a load of money.

Early Life

Herbstreit’s complete name is Kirk Edward Herbstreit and he was born on august 19, 1969 in Centerville, Ohio. He to be talented soccer player from a young age, also earning the Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year as the quarterback because that Centerville High School. That was likewise a talented baseball player, yet he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps in many ways.

College FootballCareer

Herbstreit’s father, Jim Herbstreit, was a co-captain top top the 1960 Ohio State Buckeyes team and also later one assistant coach under Woody Hayes. So the made sense for young Kirk to monitor in his father’s path and also become a Buckeye after ~ his an excellent high institution career.

Although that didn’t beat in his first few seasons through the soccer team, the did get playing time during his junior year, finishing through 485 pass yards, one touchdown and three interceptions.

Entering his senior year in 1992, Herbstreit was called the beginning quarterback and also a team captain by head coach man Cooper. That led the Ohio State football team come an 8-3-1 record by perfect 58.7 percent of his passes because that 1,904 yards with 4 touchdowns and also six interceptions. He was voted team MVP, too.


Broadcasting Career

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After graduating from Ohio State college in 1993 with a level in service administration, Herbstreit determined not to go after a job in the NFL and also instead released his career together a college football analyst.

Herbstreit began as a sideline reporter for ESPN ago in 1995, before taking increase the large chair on ESPN’s university GameDay ? the peak college football regime on Saturday mornings ? alongside chris Fowler and Lee Corso. The display now attributes Corso, Rece Davis and Desmond Howard, among many other experts and former players.

He’s likewise served as among the key voices of college football commentating over the years. He was the voice of ESPN’s Thursday night games before moving to abc as their main shade commentator.

Herbstreit additionally lent his voice to the EA Sports’ NCAA Football video games, which that voiced his support for bringing earlier in recent years.

He’s likewise written several short articles for ESPN.com and also ESPN The Magazine. Additionally, he held a radio show for 97.1 The pan in Columbus, as well as appearing on miscellaneous podcasts for ESPN.

In 2019, the sports commentator won his fourth Sports Emmy Award for exceptional Studio Analyst, tie him for the most in ESPN history with penis Schaap.

Kirk Herbstreit met his future wife, Allison Butler, when she was a cheerleader at Ohio State. Lock married in 1998 and also now have 4 children, every boys. Tye and also Jake Herbstreit (twins who play football in ~ Clemson), Zak Herbstreit, and also Chase Herbstreit. Kirk even had several of them on set with that on College GameDay end the years together they have actually grown up.

Herbstreit now lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

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the reportedly left Ohio in 2011 due to his issues with the pan of his alma mater after the was an important of the program throughout a broadcast.