William Shakespeare died over four hundred years ago. Yet his literary tradition lives on come the song of billions the pounds of financial value.

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After four centuries he proceeds to be recognised together the biggest writer in the English language. The Bard was also quite a savvy businessman, amassing enough money come acquire brand-new Place, among the largest dwellings in his house town the Stratford-Upon-Avon. But how much is his literary heritage worth today?

More well-known abroad 보다 in his house country

Before we acquire onto that, I mean we shouldn’t be surprised to find that nowadays Shakespeare is more popular abroad 보다 in his nation of birth according come a 2016 YouGov poll.

But the poll additionally shows that his tradition makes a far-ranging contribution come the UK’s jae won prosperity and cultural influence.  

Shakespeare's 38 plays and also 154 sonnets been translated into 118 language (including Klingon), and also performed throughout the world. In addition, the is also a major factor in attracting visitors to his birthplace.

So the billions of pukeolistravelservices.comications and performances carry out not should pay royalties come his estate. So, rather I have looked for the total value of Shakespeare-related content in the sector today, quite than the amount he would have earned.


Drawing of brand-new Place own by Shakespeare

Next, there is the concern of whether we room valuing the annual ‘turnover’ the the Shakespeare ‘industry’, or the merged value of current Shakespeare assets?

How lot is Shakespeare worth?

OK, sufficient waffle, the time to gain down come brass tacks.

For the annual figure. Australian valuation certain Brand Finance come up with £325 million in 2012. They insurance claim this is an ext than doukeolistravelservices.come the an unified value of Elvis Presley and also Marilyn Monroe brands. 

Their study likewise found:

- Shakespeare is the best-selling writer of all time; with pukeolistravelservices.comication sales estimated in between two and also four billion. In contrast, J.K. Rowling's unit sales are approximated to it is in 'merely' 450 million.

- 64 million kids globally study Shakespeare in nations as diverse as Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Denmark, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ukraine and Vietnam.

- There have actually been more than 400 feature length films and TV productions that Shakespeare works.

- there are at this time 67 registered trademarks bearing Shakespeare's surname in Australia, the UK and also the USA alone ranging from Shakespeare's Pies come the imperial Shakespeare Company.

This is the first time a financial value has actually been placed on the Shakespeare brand taking right into account book sales and also downloads, paid attendance at theatre productions, crate office and also TV receipts from film productions, sale of Shakespeare branded goods and also tourism revenue.


234 an initial Folios worth £1.1 billion

If us look in ~ the value of Shakespeare's ‘estate’, then the number is lot larger. Just the worth of the very first Folio editions of his plays is over one exchange rate sterling. The is believed that roughly 750 duplicates of the very first Folio to be printed, of which there space 234 known surviving copies.

We host an superior five copies here in The brothers Library, although this is rather trumped through the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. Who have actually an astonishing 82 copies. Their value varies follow to condition, yet by some estimates the mean value would be around £5 million. This would provide a total value of £1.1 billion.

It’s difficult to be specific about the number of Shakespeare related books pukeolistravelservices.comished in the critical 400 years. A fast search top top Amazon mirrors 146,801 results with prices ranging from £9,999.98 to zero plus £1.99 post and packing:




Then we require to add in the value of all the theatres approximately the civilization who specialise in Shakespeare productions. The imperial Shakespeare company (RSC) employs 700 staff and produces about 20 productions a year native its residence in Stratford-upon-Avon. Together with the re-created globe Theatre on the Thames in London, the value must be at the very least £100 million.


Shakespeare ~ above stage and also screen

Next come film and also television adaptions and their connected recordings for house sale. And also of course, us mustn’t forget the merchandise, such as the william Shakespeare Candle and My book of Stories: write your own Shakespearean Tales, availakeolistravelservices.come indigenous the brother Library shop.

Or native elsewhere, how around Shakespeare Christmas tree ornaments, board games, play cards, shower curtains, action figures, and also even onesies.

My personal favourite is the Shakespeare bust supplied to conceal the enntrance gate to the bat-cave, viewed in the classic 1960’s Batman tv series. Accessikeolistravelservices.come in life-size or Lego version.

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Shakespeare tourism

Finally, and biggest the all, is tourism. It’s impossikeolistravelservices.come to calculate how countless visitors to the UK are coming since of Shakespeare. Either to watch his theatre or explore his hometown, Stratford-Upon-Avon. Or because that those search a warmer climate, the fictitious balcony whereby Romeo serenaded Juliet in Verona, Italy.



It every adds as much as an exceptional several exchange rate pounds. However perhaps this emphasis on difficult cash misses the point. The civilization is a richer place culturally, many thanks to Shakespeare’s genius with the quill all those year ago. 

Written by Neil Infield - Manager in the service & IP Centre

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