It appears strange come me that every 7th generation console has much less memory than contemporary PCs, yet games top top consoles still operation pretty smooth today.

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For example:PS3 has actually 256 MB storage for system and 256 MB storage for video.Xbox 360 has actually 512 MB of GDDR3 ram clocked in ~ 700 MHz.And, this is really strange, Wii has actually only 24 MB of video RAM and 64 MB GDDR3 device RAM.

But if you try to operation GTA 4 top top the pc with 256 MB of system RAM, even with 256 MB ram on the video card, well, let"s just say that won"t job-related that way.


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Let"s do some comparisons...

PS3 has actually 256 MB memory for system and 256 MB memory for video. Xbox 360 has 512 MB of GDDR3 ram clocked at 700 MHz. And, this is yes, really strange, Wii has only 24 MB of video clip RAM and 64 MB GDDR3 system RAM.

Graphics top top Wii games are usually kept simple, you won"t watch shiny graphics over there apart from the quite intro come Mario & Sonic"s advent screen. Although that"s simply a video clip playing back, cheap...

If girlfriend don"t think me, this comparison reflects it clearly.


— A intuitive Comparison Of modern-day Warfare"s Wii Debut and also The Original

It doesn"t seem basic to find other clean comparisons, the image search results are overloaded with outcomes of the exact same game, the Wii U or images too small to phone call the difference; you"re constantly welcome to add another picture, however the Wii video game console has yet to surprise me.

For the PS 3 vs XBOX 360, you plainly see a difference in texture.


— developers Speaking the end on the PS3

As because that XBOX 360 vs PC, the difference lies in the resolution, textures and also more...


— increased releases February on 360, will be appropriate port

Is that all around the memory?

No, certainly not. How quick the GPU can perform in regards to fill rate and also shading additionally plays a substantial role; this is why the XBOX 360 outperforms the PS 3, as they have the very same amount that memory.

All those factors associated in the specifications contribute to being able to do effects like bloom, drawing things more in the distance, do better bump mapping and lightning, having even better AA and also more...

Sometimes this takes a 2nd look at the photo to actually view the difference, most frequently you can"t constantly tell this due to compression that the photo (or YouTube video) such the it doesn"t stand for the yes, really graphics in the game.

Similarly, friend can get a computer with a ton that memory, but have a card that can"t also play a video game at 720p.

It"s about how much you have the right to put into it because that the price.

Let"s say price wouldn"t matter, well, we"d have actually something favor the Fastra II.


That"s right, we"re looking at 6 NVIDIA GTX295 dual-GPU cards, and one GTX275 single-GPU card. That"s 13 GPUs total! That"s why it outperforms a common GPU 12 times.


Although, well, yeah; this set-up calls for some software program / driver optimization to suffice for gaming.

To attend to the question... Execute PCs need much an ext RAM?

Not necessarily, one could construct a maker with a light-weight Linux kernel, light-weight X and also perhaps wine too (unless the game has indigenous support); together a result you"ll finish up v barely any room taken by the Linux kernel and most space available to the game, then, you gain the hardware through the same memory boundaries as the console, rotate down the video game graphics and also actually have actually PS3 / XBOX 360 prefer graphics. I have no clue whether the Wii specs can be achieved, but most gamings on the Wii aren"t available for computer architectures quiet (ignoring emulation).

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The computer itself doesn"t impose more memory, it"s what the setting your video game runs in does.