Having sparkling, clean water is every pool owner’s dream. Utilizing chlorine is just one of the most crucial ways to kill bacteria, assist remove algae, and also destroy nonliving organisms favor sweat, oils, and also cosmetics. However just just how much chlorine do you need? Leslie"s has put together an easy to check out chart that breaks this under by types of chlorine and pool dimension for regular maintenance. Here are a few tips prior to we dive into the chart:

You might want to change the chlorine quantity relying on the weather, seasonality, and also your swimming pool usage.

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PRODUCTAPPLICATION5-10K Gal.10-15K Gal.15-20K Gal.20-25K Gal.25-30K Gal.
Leslie"s 3" Jumbo Tabs
Weekly1 - 2 Tabs2-3 Tabs3 - 4 Tabs4 - 5 Tabs5 - 6 Tabs
Leslie"s Chlor Brite Granular
Weekly2 - 3 Oz3 - 5 Oz5 - 7 Oz7 - 10 Oz9-12 Oz
Leslie"s power Powder Plus
Weekly6-12 Oz12 Oz- 1 lb1 - 1½ lb1½ - 2 lb2 lb
Leslie"s Chlor Sticks
Weekly1 - 2 Sticks2 - 3 Sticks3 - 4 Sticks4 - 5 Sticks5 - 6 Sticks
Leslie"s fluid Chlorine(In-Stores Only)
Weekly½ - 1 Gal1 - 1½ Gal1½ - 2 Gal2 - 2½ Gal2½ - 3 Gal
Leslie"s Mighty Tabs
Biweekly½-1 Tab1-1½ Tabs1½ - 2 Tabs2 - 2½ Tabs2½ - 3 Tabs
Leslie"s fresh N clear Shock

½-1 lb1 - 1½ lb1½ - 2 lb2 - 2½ lb2½ - 3 lb

This graph is offered for regular chlorine maintenance, therefore remember to readjust your chlorine levels throughout the peak season or as frequently as needed. Constantly read labels and also instructions once using your an option of chlorine product and also any chemistry feeders.

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Now friend know exactly how much Chlorine girlfriend need! Still have questions?Contact ours friendly employee of pool and also spa professionals today.