The WWE and also World Heavyweight Championships space the two most prestigious titles in all of pro wrestling. 

They’ve been held by dozens upon dozens of hall of Famers and future hall of Famers, and also they have traditionally been the most coveted championships in the WWE. 

The list of former human being Heavyweight champion reads like a “Who’s Who?” of pro wrestling. Ditto because that the WWE Championship. 

When friend hear “World Heavyweight Championship,” logic says that you would certainly think the whoever has that title is hold the many prestigious title in the world. ~ all, the human being is technically bigger than the WWE. 

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But the WWE is certainly a human being of that is own, which has actually led come an age-old debate: i beg your pardon is the an ext valuable title, the people Heavyweight or WWE Championship? 

Many fans trace the beginning of the world Heavyweight title back to WCW in 1991, as soon as Ric Flair ended up being the an initial WCW human being Heavyweight Champion. Others trace it even further back to 1948, once Orville Brown winner the NWA civilization Heavyweight Championship. 

The WWE’s lineage of the people Heavyweight title, however, only goes back to 2002, once Triple H was awarded the strap by Eric Bischoff to become the first official civilization Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. 


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That, that course, means that the WHC has only remained in existence in that is current type for 10 years, while the WWE title’s lineage generally is traced all the method back to 1963 when Buddy Rodgers won the belt that was then well-known as the WWWF human being Heavyweight Championship. 

In the sense, the WWE title has actually a much longer history—at the very least in the WWE’s document books—than the people Heavyweight title. 

Since both belts have actually existed start in 2002, though, the value of each title has actually changed much more times than I care to count. 

There have been times when the civilization Heavyweight Championship meant more, times as soon as the WWE Championship meant more and times as soon as they both meant about the same. 

Naturally, this has actually depended greatly on who’s holding what title, exactly how long he’s holding the for and the high quality of the matches throughout that title reign and also of the title regime in general. 

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As much as the WWE brass is concerned, though, i think it’s safe to to speak that—in their existing forms—the WWE Championship take away priority over the civilization Heavyweight Championship. 

It’s no secret that, whether the fans agree through this or not, the WWE see Raw as its flagship brand, and since the brand split began 10 years ago, Monday night has frequently been the home for the WWE title. 

Although the WWE Championship was on SmackDown native 2002 to 2005, it has been a part of the WWE’s No. 1 brand because that all yet one year since 2006. The just time that it switched over to the blue brand was for a about one-year period between the 2008 and 2009 WWE drafts. 

The WWE location went ago to life in 2009 and also has been on that brand since then.

Especially in current years, the WWE has made the clear the its WWE-created title, the WWE Championship, is walking to it is in treated choose the height prize in the company. 

While this isn’t constantly the situation (especially v the method that man Cena consistently main occasions all PPVs nowadays), the WWE’s current trend has been to offer the WWE Championship complement the final spot top top PPVs. 

Since January 2009, the world Heavyweight Championship match has only key evented nine WWE PPVs. 

But the WWE Championship? A chuck 21 WWE title matches have main evented PPVs throughout that an extremely same span. 

Given that the WWE title has been on the that company flagship show, Raw, throughout many of the span, this yes, really shouldn’t come as lot of a surprise. 

Even despite the WWE title photo doesn’t constantly produce far better matches or feuds, the creative team has—likely top top purpose—given the WWE Championship much more value 보다 the human being Heavyweight Championship simply by the means it is portrayed. 

The WWE title is the one the headlines the that company most-watched show, and it is the one that usually gets top billing on most of that pay-per-views. 

There are, of course, times when that isn’t the case, however the WWE Championship has recently proven to be the this firm most essential title because that those very two reasons. 

Like v anything, this could adjust over time. 

But SmackDown is currently the land of opportunity, a ar where stars who have actually rarely been offered a chance to main event and also compete for civilization titles space actually offered the chance to execute so. Thus, the human being Heavyweight title, SmackDown’s optimal prize, has practically become the WWE’s No. 2 title by default. 

Raw is the WWE’s No. 1 show, SmackDown is that No. 2 show, and even though the blue brand is often an ext entertaining than what we watch on Monday nights, Raw’s location is constantly going come be considered as more valuable and much more important 보다 SmackDown’s. 

And right now, Raw’s title just so wake up to be the WWE Championship. 

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