throughout her very first season, referee Milian was paid $500,000; this boosted the following year come $1 million.

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Judge Marilyn Milian peoples Courr
referee Marilyn Milian has been presiding over her Florida-based courthouse on the hit television show, "People"s Court" because that over 20 years now! The star took over the show back in 2001 after replacing referee Jerry Sheindlin, the husband the the above Judith Sheindlin of yet an additional hit court show, "Judge Judy." if the compete is quite challenging when it pertains to law-based truth shows, the money is always big, so much that judge Judy herself has amassed a network worth that $420 million!

currently that "Judge Judy" is officially comes to an finish after 25 seasons, "People"s Court" and also the likes of judge Marilyn Milian will quickly take end the number one spot. In addition to judge Milian, the show features TMZ host, Harvey Levin, together a legitimate advisor. Now, through 20 periods under her belt, below is how much judge Milian is precious today!

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how Much Is judge Marilyn Milian Worth?

If you space a fan of court truth shows, then you have absolutely watched "The People"s Court" before! The show very first began ago in 1981 through the initial host, Joseph Wapner. Judge Wapner presided end the court up till 1993 when brand-new York City mayor, Ed Known, took over. In 1999, judge Jerry Sheindlin, husband to the incomparable referee Judy, presided end "The People"s Court," however, ratings plummeted throughout his time as judge, leaving the network v no an option but to give him the boot just 2 year in.

by 2001, referee Marilyn Milian to be officially announced as Sheindlin"s replacement, however, securing her as the referee didn"t come easy. Follow to referee Milian, producers got to out to her over 16 times before she finally picked up.

after agreeing to take it on the role, referee Milian came to be the first Latina judge to preside end a televised court program, and ended up top the show to a 75 percent boost in ratings, which she to be paid quite well for! v nearly twenty years on "The People"s Court," referee Marilyn Milian has gone on come amass an superior net precious of $30 million!

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during her first season, referee Milian to be paid $500,000; this enhanced the following year to $1 million. Through 2003, judge Milian to be making $5 million per season, claims CelebrityNetWorth. Her currently impressive paycheck didn"t stop there, today, referee Milian renders $8 million per season. The present films as much as 150 illustration a season, earning judge Milian $53,000 every episode, i m sorry is absolutely mind-blowing as soon as you take it into consideration that she just works double a month!

Yes, you read that right! "The People"s Court" films in Stamford, Connecticut double a month, definition Milian just works 15 days the end of the year. Considering referee Milian resides in Florida, the star travels to the new York area, movies 10 episodes end the course of two days, and also heads earlier home! Now, with the current pandemic, "The People"s Court" is filming exclusively at referee Milian"s Florida home, where she presides end court instances via Zoom.

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