Antique Winchester weapons values deserve to be hard to estimate. Right here are some instances of this firearms and also their value.

Henry Rifle

The Henry Rifle is the straight predecessor come the famed Winchester line of rifles. This one is valued in ~ $33,000 because the metal is in untouched condition. Numerous times inexperienced people will effort to clean and polish old guns, making the brass frame bright and shiny, yet that is a quick method to damage the value. Collectors look because that frames in a pretty dark age patina color. This one has actually sharp edges to the frame, which also helps the value.

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A carbine is a much shorter version the a rifle. The is usually basic to identify by the band of metal that goes around the forward item of wood. This model 1866 Winchester is an innovation over the Henry Rifle. That is valued in ~ $6,500. The barrel has actually a most the initial dark blue finish which help the value. Regrettably somebody polished the brass frame, offering it one unnatural-looking bright yellow color, and reducing the worth by countless thousands the dollars. Over plenty of years time, the brass will return to a darker caramel color. This is quiet a nice rifle for someone who wants to include one to their collection without safety a bundle.


This total is notable for its exceptional condition, an especially the shining vivid original "case colors." case colors are a side impact of the procedure of applying heat come harden the metal. Most weapons have a blue finish, but some have actually a situation hardened finish. These colors are really fragile and also normally fade away, revealing the level silver-colored metal underneath. The is rather unusual to find colors this vivid remaining after over 100 years, as a an outcome this pistol is worth $75,000.


This rifle is a "take down" version, the comes personally in 2 pieces for less complicated transport. That is every original, together completed by the Winchester factory about 100 year ago. That has very nice engraving, an elaborate deluxe style wood, and most of the original blue finish. As a result it is precious $39,000. When taking care of top-quality guns, a tiny difference in problem makes a vast difference in price. Also though this has a the majority of blue complete remaining, if it had actually a little more original blue, it might easily market for dual the price.


Value $4,800. This pistol is unique engraved, in a style similar to work-related done at the Winchester factory. An professional can quickly see the it has actually been refinished, due to the fact that the corners the the metal are not sharp and also the color of the blue finish isn"t fairly right. Likewise the high quality of the engraving is not as good as original Winchester engraving. If this total were every original factory work in this condition, the value would be much much higher. This would still make a really nice screen piece because that a portion of the price of an initial unaltered gun.


Model 1873 Winchester rifles typically came through a 24-inch barrel, yet many special-order choices were available from the factory. This one has a 30-inch barrel, luxurious wood, and a unique nickel end up on the frame and also foreend cap, which add to that value. Somebody later added some small decorative tacks come the forrend. Value $6,750.

A 26-inch barrel was standard on the 1886 rifle. This one has a scarce custom-ordered 24-inch barrel, which is desirable. The originally had a colorful case-hardened frame, but now it has actually turned a silver-gray color with just traces of the shade remaining. The magazine tube below the barrel is brief -- dubbed a "button mag." This is likewise a one-of-a-kind order feature but it does no necessarily boost the value, since the current trend of many collectors is to look for out "full mag" rifles. Worth $5,750.

An competent collector would instantly be suspiciously of the strange arsenal of carbine and also rifle parts. Normally you would never encounter a carbine-style forearm v an octagon rifle barrel. Looks favor somebody did some tinkering, which would usually hurt the value. But this total is in reality made native leftover components at the Winchester factory, to fill a big order of guns from the MGM Movie firm for use in several of the old western films.

Apparently that was much more important to provide the as whole appearance of an old gun, rather than to usage a standard model. Value $5,750.

This gun shows a many wear, through very little of the original complete remaining. If this to be a traditional carbine, the value would it is in a couple of hundred dollars at most. However, this gun has actually a much-shorter 보다 usual 15-inch barrel, making it worth $3,500. Quick barrel carbines are known to collectors as "trapper carbines," and also are very rare to uncover in any kind of condition. Many of them observed a lot of hefty use. That is important to keep in mind that the quick barrel is initial from the manufacturing facility -- not to be puzzled with a barrel that has been cut down later. Shortening the barrel of a gun constantly reduces its worth greatly.

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This is a recently-produced inexpensive gun that was created in tribute to the renowned original Henry Rifle that the 1860s. Worth $450. The is not thought about a collectible, however would do a nice useful gun because that shooting.

As you can see, Winchester firearms values vary widely. This images and also values come from Merz antique Firearms and are offered by permission and with distinct thanks. Friend may likewise be interested in this interview v Leroy Merz about antique Winchesters.

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