In Maths, a directly angle is an angle same to 180 degrees. The is referred to as straight due to the fact that it appears as a right line. Basically, together per angles definition in maths, when two rays are joined finish to end, they form an angle. Hence, the 2 rays of the 180-degree angle room subtended towards the the opposite direction, wherein the rays space joined to each various other at endpoints.

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In radians, the 180-degree angle is measured in pi (π). To point the the contrary way, the right angle alters the direction. A 180 level is likewise considered as supplementary. Except this angle, over there are 5 different types of angles in geometry i beg your pardon you can learn here.

Facts:A right angle constantly forms a directly line.The value of the directly angle is 180°.The eight of the directly angle lie opposite come each various other from the vertex point.The directly angle measure anticlockwise is the hopeful straight edge i.e.180°.The straight angle measured clockwise is a an adverse straight edge i.e.-180°.

Straight angle Definition

In geometry, a straight edge is one angle, who vertex point has a worth of 180 degrees. Basically, it forms a right line, whose political parties lie in opposite directions from the vertex. It is likewise termed as “flat angles”


A horizontal line and also a vertical heat are always straight lines and also therefore castle are instances of straight angles.


In degrees, the right angle is stood for as 180° and also in radians, that is denoted through pi (π).

Straight angle Examples

Some the the straight edge examples in our day-to-day life are:

A level surface has actually an angle of 180 degreesA straight stick has actually an edge which is straight or 180 degreeA airplane inclined staircase to represent a directly angleAngle created in a see-saw

A directly angle is different from the directly line, as it actions 180 degrees and also a right line is a connector of two points.


Straight edge theorem says that all the straight angles are 180 degrees. If the legs of angle, space pointing exactly in the contrary directions, climate it creates a directly angle. A straight angle is stood for as 180° (in degrees) or π (in radians).

One great example is the line segment in geometry, the endpoints of i beg your pardon extends towards the the opposite direction. 

Properties of directly Angles

Some necessary properties of straight angles are as follows:

A right angle actions exactly half of a revolutionA right angle is developed by revolving one ray by 180° v respect to an additional rayIn a right angle, the arms extend in the opposite directionsA right angle modifies the direction the a pointA straight angle can likewise be developed by authorized two best angles

Six varieties of Angles

An angle is formed when 2 line segments space joined at a solitary endpoint or once two line segments are an unified at a single endpoint. The suggest where the two lines satisfy is referred to as the crest of the angle. There room basically 6 different varieties of angle whose peak values are different, respectively, and also they are;

Acute edge (less 보다 90°)Obtuse edge (more 보다 90°)Right angle (equal come 90°)Straight Angle 
(exact 180°)Reflex angle (greater 보다 180°) and also Full edge (Exact 360°)

An angle with 0° is dubbed a zero angle, method it doesn’t form an angle. These space the general classification of angles.

In geometry, us compare two angles based upon their conditions. Part angles are characterized in regards to their similarity, dubbed as a congruent angle, which has actually the exact same angle. Then, us have adjacent angles, i m sorry are nearby to each other. Complementary angles, whose sum is equal to 90°.

Can we think about a Triangle make from a straight Angle?

A directly angle has actually a measure of 180°and the sum of inner angles of a triangle is also 180°. However we cannot take into consideration straight angle as a straight edge triangle because, for a triangle, the figure should kind an attached structure.

Triangle is a closed three-sided figure, which has actually three unique points which are not collinear with each other. But, in the case of the straight line, the points space collinear and also hence castle cannot type a closed structure. Therefore, there is no triangle formed.

How to construct a right Angle?

The measures to construct a right Angle, space as follows:

Draw a straight-line OB utilizing a ruler, through an arrowhead at BNow place the protractor on this heat such the the baseline of the protractor is adjusted over OB. The allude B need to be facing towards the 0°of the protractor.Now mark the point, starting from 0° and moving in the direction of 180 degrees. On reaching 180°, note a allude A on the paper.Now, sign up with the peak of the heat OB through the marked point A. The second ray OA should have arrowhead in ~ A.

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A right angle is an angle equal to 180 degrees. That looks prefer a straight line. In radian, that is measured together π angle.