identifying Seth thomas antique mantelpiece clocks needs familiarity v these charming time pieces. Learn around the products used, the styles, and also how to assign a value to this beautiful clocks.

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how to recognize a Seth cutting board Clock

Seth cutting board mantel clocks, i beg your pardon are often misspelled "mantle clocks," are functional and beautiful decorative items for your home. Designed come sit top top a shelf or mantel, lock not only tell the time but likewise offer a glimpse at the art of clock-making and also the job-related of a master. Follow to Collectors Weekly, Thomas started making this clocks in 1817. Over the years, the design changed, giving collectors some clues when it comes to identifying and also dating the clocks. The agency also readjusted hands if retaining the Seth cutting board name, make clocks well into the 21st century.

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Look because that Labels

The very first step in identifying your clock is to look for the Seth cutting board label. Girlfriend can find the label on the inside, back, or bottom the the clock case. You"ll additionally see stamped metal labels on part clocks, and also engraved pendulums featuring the Seth thomas name. The neck Clocks Identification and Price guide offers picture of numerous of the brand you might see, and dating information based upon the style and text the the label.

inspect for day Stamps

numerous antique Seth cutting board clocks also feature day stamps top top the bottom that the clock. This stamps space a collection of numbers and letters, and they have the right to be an overwhelming to decode. Fortunately, once you understand the trick, you"ll uncover it"s quite simple. Each password starts through a 4 numbers and also ends through a letter. The numbers space the year backwards. The letter to represent the month v "A" standing because that January and "L" standing for December. Because that instance, a code of 2981D would show a clock the was do in April that 1892.


examine the Style and also Materials

Seth thomas used different materials at different times in the clock maker"s history. The formats also readjusted over the years. Take it a look at your clock and also think around what the is made from. Collectors Weekly reports that the following transforms in materials can help you day your clock:

Wood movements - The an extremely oldest Seth cutting board mantel clocks attribute movements made of wood. They often have painted cases with a role design. Carved mahogany frames - later in the company"s history, approximately 1830, Seth Thomas began framing clocks in beautifully carved mahogany wood. Brass movements - In 1842, the firm switched to brass movements instead of the original wood.


worth of Seth thomas Mantel Clocks

because the Seth Thomas company made mantel clocks for almost 200 years, there is a lot of variation in the worth of the clocks. Use these tips to acquire an calculation of what an antique Seth cutting board mantel clock is worth.

entrust a Date

not surprisingly, the faster clocks, specifically those actually made by Seth Thomas, room worth the many money. If girlfriend can get a feeling of the day your clock was made, either from the label, style, or day stamp, you have an essential factor in assigning value.

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evaluate Condition

as with any antique, the problem of a Seth thomas clock dramatically affects the value. Research the following:

Wood condition - Cracks, crazing, and poor restoration jobs deserve to detract from the value, when a wood instance with a lovely patina can be worth more. Clock face condition - If the clock face is quiet bright and readable, the clock is worth more. If that shows signs of repair or rough use, it will detract. Glass condition - Cracked and chipped glass takes away from the value, when glass in an excellent condition is a plus.


to compare With newly Sold Clocks

once you know as much as possible about her collectible mantelpiece clock, take it a look at newly sold examples for value. The key here is to disregard clocks that space still for sale. Sellers deserve to ask any type of price they prefer for a clock, yet that doesn"t median someone will pay it. Instead, search for sold items on eBay or take it a look at records from various other auctions. Below are a couple of examples of Seth cutting board mantel clocks and their sales prices:

Functional and also Charming

An antique Seth thomas mantel clock is more than a beneficial collector item. It"s additionally a functional part of your home, maintaining time and offering vintage charm for your shelf or fireplace mantel.

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