Guests remaining at non-all-inclusive properties often wonder about food price in Jamaica. Is food cheap? Or go it expense an arm and also a leg?

It’s a tiny hard going come a foreign nation not discovering what to suppose in regards to the price of food. It’s likewise hard to predict since each who needs and tastes are so varied.

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Also, since most of united state haven’t had actually the experience of to buy a week’s precious of food for over a dozen people, the is easy to underestimate the food shopping needs as well as the costs.

Read on as we give you a frame of recommendation that you deserve to use to plan for her food prices while visiting Jamaica and also avoid a surprised bill native the grocery save at the end of her stay.

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Is food high-quality in Jamaica?
Recommended Food budget plan for your Jamaica Villa Vacation:How much deserve to you expect to spend on groceries?
9 determinants that impact Your Food spending plan When You continue to be at a Jamaica holidays Rental
Sample Grocery save Food prices in Jamaica
Why perform We Shop at L & M Meats
Are there choices to together & M that can even have far better food prices in Jamaica?
Is food high-quality in Jamaica? how much can you expect to invest on groceries for your Jamaica villa vacation?

Is food expensive in Jamaica?

Expensive is family member so allow me prize the question another way. Food is no cheap in Jamaica, particularly if you space pleasing an American palate.

If you room from a big city with an already high price of living like brand-new York, Los Angeles, or London, food prices could not seem exorbitant to you. If you shop at businessman Joes matches a garden variety supermarket prefer Meijer or Walmart, prices might seem similar. Otherwise, it could surprise girlfriend to recognize that countless fruits and also vegetables and items that space not greatly consumed by locals will be an ext expensive than you would imagine. This will certainly be specifically true if you room in the more touristy locations of Jamaica.

Recommended Food spending plan for her Jamaica Villa Vacation:How much deserve to you suppose to invest on groceries?


Recommended Food budget plan for your Jamaica Villa Vacation

When planning her stay, we recommend that you budget around US$45-$65 per human per day, US$55 on average, because that groceries. This go not include alcohol or snacks.

Will that number work because that you? we can’t tell because that sure; but, in our experience, most guests come in in ~ or below the $US55 figure.

The question just you deserve to answer is, “How well does your team want come eat top top vacation?”

Once you have actually answered the question, you’ll be much better able to budget accordingly.

9 determinants that affect Your Food budget When You continue to be at a Jamaica holidays Rental


9 components that impact Your Food spending plan when you stay at a Jamaica holidays rental

Your food costs will differ up or down based on several factors.

1. Supply and also demand.

The cheapest foods, especially fruits and also vegetables, are those that are in your ar grown and in season.

2. Origin of the food

Imported foods, as a rule, cost much more than locally created items; however, those that space used mostly by locals generally price less 보다 those geared towards tourists.

3. Transportation or distribution charges

The additional you need to travel to acquire what girlfriend need, the greater the transportation costs. Also, each trip to the grocery store store expenses money.

If you room able to plan your meals ahead of time, there space usually fewer trips. If you fly by the seat of her pants with your everyday menu, climate you need to expect lot of trips.

4. Your eating habits

If you want three meals every day, v hors-d"oeuvres before dinner, add to snacks, her food bill will be greater than if you eat only two meals per day. If large portion dimension is her forte, you need to expect a larger food bill.

5. Your menu

What you mean to eat will definitely influence your budget. Seafood, lamb, goat, oxtail, and also steak are an ext expensive than chicken.

In general, eating an ext local dishes often tends to lower the bill; however, imported meats, which are an ext expensive, have tendency to be offered for neighborhood dishes that are created tourists.

Fine wines and branded alcohol addict beverages space expensive. Champagne, in particular, is expensive. Neighborhood liquors often tend to it is in cheaper.

6. Us exchange rate

The exchange rate of the united state dollar affects everything. Prices go up whenever the Jamaican dollar gets devalued. Together a result, there can be fluctuations in prices.

7. Location

Grocery shop in smaller sized towns tend to be more expensive than in bigger towns.

Local farmers’ industries in larger towns have far better prices 보다 grocery stores. Your villa staff have the right to handle shopping in ~ these sectors for you. These markets, like street vendors, only accept cash and also usually don’t offer receipts.

8. Jamaican government’s usage tax (GCT)

At 16.5% this taxes is included to most purchases, consisting of food. That is excluded from certain basic staples prefer bread, milk, eggs, local fruits and also vegetables, and rice.

9. team size

The size of your group affects exactly how accurate the estimated per human food budget plan will be. Smaller groups often notification a greater per person expense than bigger groups. This is primarily since larger groups are an ext likely come take benefit of bulk purchases, which can be connected with added savings.


Sample Food price in Jamaica. Just how much carry out groceries cost in Jamaica?

To transform Jamaican dollars to united state dollars, division by the present exchange rate.

So, because that example, JA$230 is $230 /115 = US$2.

Food price at together & M meats in Salem , Jamaica - January 2019


Natural Bran sliced Hardo bread, 2lb bread - JA$320

National huge Sliced Hardo Bread, 2lb bread - JA$315

Grace long Grain White Rice 3kg bag-JA$1180

Jasmine Rice, per kg -JA$496.04

J. F. Mills All function Flour, per kg -JA$174.25 +

Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake Mix -JA$639.48+

Brown sugar, per kg -JA$189.60

Granulated sugar, per kg -JA$220.46

Pure Jamaican cane sugar, 5 lb load -JA$515

Eggs, 1 flat -JA$1020

Serge Island 100% Cows Milk, 1 l -JA$342

Tru Juice Fruit beat Premium, 1 gallon -JA$854.08+

Tru Juice Pineapple Juice, 1 gallon -JA$897.00+

Orijin Pineapple Juice 1.5L -JA$729.61+

Orijin 100% Orange Juice 1.5L -JA$729.61+

Lifespan spring Water 500ml, instance of 24 J - A$1338.96+

Blue mountain Coffee, 16 oz -JA$2072.52+

Fruits & Vegetables

Watermelon, per kg -JA$396.83

Papaya, per kg -JA$220.46

Gala apples, each -JA$85.84+

Oranges, per dozen -JA$540

Cabbage, per kg -JA$198.41

Plantain, every - JA$110

Cauliflower, per kg -JA$992.07

Local carrots, per kg -JA$551.15

Tomatoes, every kg -JA$529.10

Zucchini, every kg -JA$396.83

Yellow squash, per kg -JA$661.38

Yellow sweet corn, every -JA$230


Danish Havarti cheese, 200g -JA$872.20+

Gouda cheese, 350g -JA$1373.39+

Tastee Cheddar Cheese, 200g - JA$424.89+


Planters mixed Nuts, 10.3 oz -JA$1124.46 +

Planters love husband Roasted Peanuts, 12 oz -JA$1051.50 +

Planters entirety Cashews, 8.5oz -JA$1240.34 +

Meats or key Dishes

Pork spare ribs, every kg -JA$2645.52

Saltfish, every kg -JA$794.80+

Grace streaky bacon, 225g pack -JA$502.15+

Best pull on grade A chicken, per kg -JA$529.11

Besr Dressed mixed Parts economic climate Pack, every kg -JA$562.17

Best pull on Deboned Chicken Breast, every kg -JA$1584.40

Best dressed Chicken Wings, every kg -JA$926.75

Snapper, every kg -JA$1488.11

Imported oxtail, per kg -JA$2039.26

Imported mutton, per kg -JA$1330.00

Gourmet trout, every kg -JA$848.71


Coca Cola 2L -JA$193.13+

Lillifield Blue Curaco -JA$1180.26+

Trivento make reservation Pinot Noir, 750ml -JA$1991.41+

Vina Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon, 750ml -JA$2083.20+

Grey Goose, 750ml -JA$5012.88+

Vina Maipo Reserva Chardonnay, 750ml -JA$2063.20+

Grenadine, 1L -JA$845.49+

Margarita Mix, 1L -JA$845.49+

Strawberry Puree, 1L -JA$952.79+

Cocomania Coconut Rum, 750ml -JA$1281.76+

Red strip Beer, 1 case -JA$3399.12+

J Wray & Nephew White Rum, 750ml -JA$1974.25+

Lillifield Trile Sec Liquer, 1L -JA$1409.28+

The "+" indicates things that attractive GCT.

Almost all of our guests, like most other villa guest in discovery Bay, acquire their groceries from together & M Meats, a grocery save in Salem, Runaway Bay.

To be clear, we have actually no financial relationship with l & M of any kind of kind.

Shopping at L & M is like shopping at totality Foods or businessman Joes together opposed to Meijer or Walmart. (There is no Walmart in Jamaica.) The foods items there may expense a little an ext than various other stores and the foreign money exchange rate there might not be the finest but there are number of distinct advantages of to buy there.

1. Paying the bill at the finish of the remain is very convenient.

They will involved the villa to settle up the bill through you and procedure your credit transaction card. No need to worry about either having to discover cash to offer to the employee to go grocery shopping or going to the keep yourself come pay through your credit card.

2. They are the just grocery store in the area that delivers. And the dues is reasonable. By the moment you element in the transportation costs and the time to walk to a bigger store, the savings could not it is in as lot as you would certainly imagine.

3. Do you want almond milk? execute you desire smoked salmon? If over there is a specialty food item that you need, you will most likely find it there contrasted to the other stores.

4. They will certainly take ago unopened, non-perishable items. Good luck at most of the other neighborhood stores.

5. Since they serve villas, there is reasonably fast sales of items that are popular amongst Americans however not Jamaicans, together as particular boxed cereals and also pancake mix, therefore those items are likely to be fresher there 보다 at the neighborhood stores.

6. They are more likely to bring brands through which you would be familiar.

7. When you can not beat the regional farmers sector for freshness and also price, they have more variety. You can get broccoli and asparagus right alongside lettuce and also tomatoes.

8. Girlfriend don"t also have to go to the keep to shop. Our staff prefers to choose the items themselves; but, the to buy list have the right to be emailed to them ahead of time which have the right to be a big plus.


Plan for her meals during your Jamaica villa vacation

Quite possibly.

We typically suggest that world stop in ~ Progressive foods in Montego Bay, barely 10 minutes from the airplane on the means to the villa, to acquisition alcohol, sodas, and snacks. They have more variety than L & M and much better prices ~ above alcohol, in particular. Plus, if you salary in us dollars, one of two people cash or credit card, they have traditionally offered a terrific exchange rate! us stop below on almost every trip.

Megamart in Montego Bay, which is west the the airport, is much more like a Walmart. It is in the contrary direction from the villa for this reason we often tend to not go over there so often.

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In Ocho Rios, there space a couple of large supermarkets that space worth considering if you room buying a big quantity that food. Another Progressive store is there. General Foods and also Money Worth are also great choices. These stores are about 30-40 minutes far from Mais Oui Villa.