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Winning the Heisman Trophy is precious at the very least $800,000.

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Let"s perform the math:

Heisman Trophy statue: $0

O.J. Simpson"s 1968 Heisman and Charles White"s 1979 statue each marketed for an ext than $200,000. But, in recent years, the idea of cashing in ~ above the yes, really trophy itself has been close up door down. Because at least 1999, winners need to sign waivers the forbid them from ever before selling it. It"s no unlike the Oscars. The waiver, which has actually prohibited an Academy award winner from selling their statuette because the 1950s, even allows for the Academy to buy it earlier for $10.

There is still plenty of money to do from winning.

Autograph deal: $200,000+

The worth of her autograph immediately increases when you success the Heisman. Therefore too carry out the quantity of people that will want your autograph because that your whole life. Minimum lifetime bump right here is $200,000.

Public appearances & speeches: $200,000+

Much that this relies on exactly how comfortable a Heisman winner is law public appearances, yet even those the don"t go on come NFL careers deserve to clear $200,000. Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch, that won in 2001, has no trouble selling recreational tools in Omaha and also has no shortage of carriers asking that to carry out appearances.

Shoe deal: $400,000+

Nike, adidas and also Under armor have shown they space willing to salary plenty because that a Heisman winner. Adidas payment Reggie Bush an ext than $1 million a year, Under Armour"s deal with Cam Newton hovered about that, together did Johnny Manziel"s endorsement v Nike. NFL potential go play a factor, however Nike payment Tim Tebow $300,000 a year to land him. Over a conventional four-year deal, marketers say the Heisman add to $100,000 a year.

Tradition is the X factor

How lot you deserve to cash in likewise depends on the tradition and also the alumni base of her college team. Marcus Mariota, for example, wouldn"t gain the exact same bump together a Heisman winner indigenous Texas, Florida or Nebraska.

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Adding it all up, the Heisman Trophy win is worth at the very least $800,000 over a lifetime, no counting the quantity of doors that open simply by authorized the elite fraternity.