Of every the many world’s many famous golden awards, Nobel prize medals are the just ones that space made of hard gold. Many other awards room made of part mixture the bronze, copper, or tin and also covered in a yellow plate. Renowned awards might only price several hundreds dollars apiece to create, yet the rippling effect of winning the award for the recipient provides that award worth much more than its weight in gold.

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The Emmy


The Emmy statuette weighs virtually 7 pounds and also is handcrafted indigenous copper, nickel, and also gold. However, in the TV market an Emmy award can be worth millions in proclaiming money. A display that wins an Emmy award deserve to use that award together leverage when setting the cost of commercial time. An gibbs or actress the wins an Emmy compensation can additionally use it come negotiate a bigger paycheck with the show they are at this time on, and also it deserve to also aid them land bigger and more profitable roles in the future.

The Grammy


A sampling the performers and also producers mirrors a “Grammy Bounce” the at the very least 55% in concert ticket sales and also producer fees throughout the year following a Grammy win. Music video director David Rousseau claims he to know songwriters and producers who’ve gotten a 100-150% earnings an increase after a Grammy win. “In the year after ~ grabbing Grammy No. 1, crooner Bruno Mars’ mean nightly gun swelled from $130,000 to $202,000 (+55%).”


The Oscars


CBS Moneywatch reported that each Oscar, do of gold-plated pewter,costs around $400 come make.Forbes reported the Oscar winners sign an agreement saying that neither they nor your heirs will offer their statuettes without offering the Academy an initial chance come buy them ago at the price of $1. This covenant has existed because 1950, and also any winner that won’t sign it won’t get their award. Yet also with that i in place, about 75 statuettes are thought to have been sold; the walking price in the open industry is as lot as $1.5 million and Oscar statuettes rarely sell for much less than $60,000.

CBS reported that the Best photo winners network an extra $14 million in box office revenue after their win, top top average, and actors get about a 20% rise in pay in their next film ~ winning best Actor or Actress.

Golden Globes

A gold Globe frostbite costs about $800 to manufacture, however a gold Globe success is worth $14.2 million on average for the movie. Even movies that are nominated, but don’t win, view a substantial boost in revenues.

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As you can see by the numbers, the compensation itself may not be worth much however the lasting influence of winning such a reputation award can be precious millions to the recipient. Perhaps your own company’s acknowledgment awards don’t expense much in terms of actual dollars and cents, yet you have the right to make your very own staff feel favor a million dollars through a custom recognition award.