One of the most well-known rum brands in the world, Captain Morgan and its boozy buccaneer mascot room instantly identifiable about the world, and also for plenty of a family name.

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A drink designed for adventure—to be passed in between you and your crewmates in the scoundrelly sea dog spirit—Captain Morgan has made a splash in the market with its selection of spiced and flavoured rums.

With its spicy flavour, smooth texture, and also the way it pairs so well with other drinks, it’s no surprised that Captain Morgan was the second most famous liquor brand in the united state in 2014. And, in 2018, the brand became Britain’s favourite rum, surpassing the spirit’s various other big-name player, Bacardi.

So even if it is you favor the fiery brew ideal in a standard Captain & Cola, or want to experiment with several of the finest rum cocktails—or would prefer some innovative sipping of the Captain’s private Stock range—here’s everything you should know about Captain Morgan rum.

The classic Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum is a smooth and also medium-bodied drink made from a mystery blend of Caribbean rums and mellow spice and also other natural flavours. It gets its distinctive richness and amber colour from ageing the rum in charred white oak barrels.

Captain Morgan bottle sizes and prices

BottleSizePrice (USD)
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay750 ml$10
Captain Morgan’s initial Spiced Rum750 ml$13
Captain Morgan’s Watermelon Smash750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s Coconut Rum750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s Jack-O-Blast750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s Pineapple Rum750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s silver Spiced Rum750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s Grapefruit Rum750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s White Rum750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s Loco-nut750 ml$17
Captain Morgan’s apologize Smash750 ml$21
Captain Morgan’s original Spiced Rum1000 ml$22
Captain Morgan’s original Spiced Rum1750 ml$24
Captain Morgan’s black Spiced Rum750 ml$25
Captain Morgan’s 100 proof Spiced Rum750 ml$25
Captain Morgan’s exclusive Stock Rum750 ml$25


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Captain Morgan: the story behind the brand

Before Captain Morgan rum, there to be Captain Morgan himself.

Sir Henry Morgan was a Welshman and admiral in the British imperial Navy. He collection sail because that the West Indies in the 17th century whereby he was tasked v protecting British colonial interests.

As a privateer, he to be basically a pirate, yet one with federal government authorisation. And he collection about terrorising the Spanish ships with gusto, developing a notorious reputation among the assorted ports where he landed throughout his adventures with the Caribbean.

After retiring from these exploits—murdering, looting, pillaging, and also ransacking—he resolved in Jamaica wherein he finished up ending up being Governor.

A map of Jamaica by man Speed, one English cartographer and also historian, at the moment of teacher Henry Morgan Governorship (1676).

Hundreds of years later, in 1945, a details San Bronfman was developing a commerce network the rum distillers across the Caribbean. His firm purchased the lengthy Pond Distillery Jamaica and also acquired an ancient family recipe for spiced rum native the levying Brothers, two pharmacists in Kingston, Jamaica.

And therefore the Captain Morgan brand was born, acquisition the initial swashbuckling swindler as its mascot.

That instantly recognisable Captain Morgan logo—the Captain Hook look-a-like v his roguish grin? that the occupational of award-winning American artist Don Maitz, and no doubt play its component in creating the brand as a fun-loving party favourite.

Since then, the popularity of rum has actually rocketed—partly many thanks to Hollywood movies favor the Pirates that the Caribbean. As a result, Captain Morgan has continued to grow and is enjoy it a booming international fanbase in particular.

Elizabeth Swann and Captain Jack Sparrow sharing a party of rum in Pirates the the Caribbean.

Sugar, spice, and all points nice: do Captain Morgan rum

Captain Morgan rum is make from sugar cane, i beg your pardon is very first squeezed to develop molasses.

Next is fermentation, through yeast and also water included to the molasses.

After that comes distillation, i beg your pardon essentially entails purifying the liquid by heating and condensing that in shaft stills. Captain Morgan provides column stills fairly than pot stills since it’s much better at removed impurities. This renders it a lighter drink, and also the company can then use spices and barrel ageing to create a an ext nuanced flavour profile.

Following distillation, the rum is aged in burnt white oak barrels before the various rums are blended to create the variety of rum variants—spiced rum, coconut rum, fruit-infused rum—that Captain Morgan’s has become famous for.

After a stint in Puerto Rico, now all Captain Morgan production takes location in the us Virgin Islands.

Captain Morgan’s distillery in the united state Virgin Islands.

100 proof to pineapple: Captain Morgan varieties of rum

The an initial Captain Morgan’s rum to be created was the Original black color Rum. Made indigenous rums hailing native Jamaica, Guyana, and Barbados, that aged because that a minimum of 2 years in charred oak barrels. The result is a rum v an intense colouring and also an equally wealthy and complicated flavour: caramel and vanilla notes, plus a smoky finish.

The standard Captain Morgan initial Black Rum is made utilizing a blend of Jamaican, Guyanese and also Bajan rums.

Then yes the best-selling Captain Morgan original Spiced Gold, i beg your pardon is also matured in burnt American white oak bourbon barrels. This ageing process, alongside the mix of spices, lends the rum note of vanilla, brown sugar, and dried fruit.

The Captain Morgan original Spiced gold is matured in burned American white oak bourbon barrels.

Then you’ve obtained the five-times-distilled Captain Morgan White Rum: crisp, refreshing, and a versatile base because that a whole number of cocktails. Or at 50% ABV.

The Captain Morgan private Stock to be intended to it is in a more upscale providing for the brand, blending Puerto Rican rums v subtle spices—a drink designed to it is in sipped.

The Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay heat of tropic flavoured white rums contains Coconut, enthusiasm Fruit, and also Pineapple. Various other flavoured species of Captain Morgan rum include Captain Morgan Cannon Blast, a citrus-flavoured rum frequently served as a shot, or the Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast, a pumpkin-flavoured rum.

How to drink Captain Morgan rum

How you select to drink Captain Morgan will depend on which kind of Captain Morgan rum you pick from the brand’s big range of rum variants.

The Spiced yellow is an obtainable option, with its caramel flavour and also spicy bite—the right base for cocktails.

And while you could think that the only way to drink Captain Morgan’s is in the standard Captain & Cola—aka a rum and also Coke—you can likewise sip it neat, like brandy or whisky in a tumbler. For this, you want something a little more nuanced, such as the Captain Morgan personal Stock line, i beg your pardon is dark and full-bodied through a velvety texture.

Adding ice cream or a dash that water have the right to mellow the extreme alcohol flavour. And a slice that lime wouldn’t walk amiss, either.

That’s not to say the there’s anything wrong with adding a mixer. Past Coke, an excellent Captain Morgan mixers include ginger beer—aka a Dark ‘n’ Stormy—as fine apple juice or ice cream tea.

Captain Morgan cocktail recipes

Captain Morgan Rum have the right to be offered as a basic in a selection of easy-to-make cocktails, even if it is it’s the brand’s original spiced rum or one of their tropical flavours. Bespeak a bottle online and unleash her inner mixologist this weekend.

Long Island Iced Tea

This is one of the sneakiest cocktails around. How plenty of other drinks combine such a potent mix the spirits, however taste therefore delicious? us recommend you stick to just the one glass, but of course, that’s much easier said than done.

Ingredients15 ml Captain Morgan original Spiced Gold7.6 ml vodka7.5 ml tequila7.5 ml gin7.5 ml triple sec36 ml lime juice20 ml basic syrup55 ml cola or iced teaLime or orange come garnish

Fill a glass v ice and add the spirits—rum, vodka, tequila and also gin. Then include the syrup and also lime juice, followed by the cola or iced tea. Stir and garnish.

Pina Colada

The Pina Colada needs small introduction. It’s a world-favourite and all-time classic, born in Puerto Rico. Cool and creamy, it’s acquired all the dry flavours friend would desire from a drink the is usually a holiday in a glass.

Ingredients50 ml Captain Morgan initial Spiced Gold25 ml coconut cream4 pieces of fresh pineappleCherry come garnish

In a blender, combine the ice, rum, coconut cream, and also three the the pineapple pieces. Pour right into a high glass, then garnish with a cherry and also the continuing to be pineapple.

Cuba Libre

This cocktail is a little like a classic rum and also Coke except you also add lime juice. The lime perfect balances the end the sweet cola and also makes this among the many refreshing drink to gain on a warm summer’s evening—as well as one of the simplest.

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Ingredients50 ml Captain Morgan’s White Rum100 ml cola½ limeLime to garnishIce

Squeeze the juice that the lime right into a highball glass. Add the ice, rum, and also cola. Stir, before including a lime wedge to garnish.