Three mint stations created 1945 Lincoln pennies. Friend can notification some coins without any type of mintmark, implying the they come indigenous the Philadelphia mint. Coins through the D mint mark listed below the manufacturing year come from the Denver mint, when those with the S mint mark come native the san Francisco mint.

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The major composition aspect was copper, i m sorry was present in 95% of the complete coin weight. The various other 5% goes come zinc. Those coins space 0.1 troy ounces (3.11 g) heavy. Let’s view what the 1945 Lincoln penny worth is.

1945 Lincoln Penny

Almost every Lincoln coin from all ages has the same look. Every one of them have actually their copper appearance as result of their composition. In this particular case, copper is responsible for the color. Top top the coin former side, over there is a bust of Abraham Lincoln, and he faces right.

Above his head, over there is an engraving saying IN GOD us TRUST, favor in every Lincoln pennies. On the left side is the inscription LIBERTY that lays top top the exact same level together Lincoln’s shoulder.

1945 Lincoln coin Value

Philadelphia19451,040,515,000From 15 cents to $3
San Francisco1945 S181,770,000From 15 cent to $6
Denver1945 D266,268,000From 15 cent to $3

In front of Abraham Lincoln, you can constantly see the manufacturing year. Under the engraved year, you deserve to sometimes view a mint note that part mints engraved. Every coin that originates from the mint various other than Philadelphia has the ideal mint mark.

On the penny’s reverse, you can see a large lettering ONE CENT that takes a central place on its surface. Below that huge lettering, over there is an additional one that claims the UNITED claims OF AMERICA. 2 wheat ears surround those words.

Above every that, girlfriend can notification another lettering that claims E PLURIBUS UNUM that adheres to the coin sheet curve.

1945 Lincoln coin Grading

Collectors examine every coin personal and always check countless different aspects and look for details. Competent collectors and also dealers have the right to see also the most minor imperfections and also scratches top top the coin surface and also color shadings variations that can affect the coin value.

Uncirculated 1945 Lincoln penny

Uncirculated condition for 1945 Lincoln penny means that the can’t have actually any possible signs that wear. Together a coin demands to save on computer as vital details top top the surface it had when leaving the mint.

You can usually check out luster end this coin surface, yet it is not constantly required. In fact, you can expect part coin color shading as result of air contact over time. That luster can only an increase up the last price of her penny.

1945 Lincoln Penny value by USA Coin book

Quality19451945 S1945 D
Very good///
Very fine$0.11$0.16$0.11
Extra fine$0.22$0.22$0.22
About uncirculated$0.38$0.38$0.38
Mint state 60$0.94$0.94$0.94
Mint state 65$2.22$2.22$2.22
Proof 63///

Signs that wear will certainly usually determine the coin condition, and you won’t notification any of them on the penny in an uncirculated condition. Keep in mind that every line on the coin surface needs to it is in sharp. The finest example is Lincoln’s chin that sits under his beard.

It is vital to see beard details on the coin. Any line defects or blending with the remainder of the surface deserve to be a authorize of wear. The only flaw enabled on uncirculated coins is color shading close to the edge.

Extra fine 1945 Lincoln penny

In this case, you can an alert signs the wear on the highest possible points the the coin. Some lines show up to be less sharp or began to vanish at part points. The slight mix of the near facets is usual for these coins.

1945 Lincoln Penny value by JM Bullion

CoinExtra well qualityUncirculated quality
1945 Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.35
1945 S Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.35
1945 D Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.35

You deserve to use Lincoln’s chin together a parameter again. As it is under the beard, there can appear some mix of those two surfaces. The line that complies with the edge of his mustache is no that spicy yet contempt rounded in this case.

You can notification the original design and texture that the surface just at the shortest points on your coin. Other parts won’t have that spicy touch. Shade shading that the penny surface ar stands come tell an ext about the condition, and also you will spot the darkest coin points near the edges.

Fine 1945 Lincoln penny

The shortest points the the coin in this condition have started to blend v the neighboring surface. The greatest points are really bold, and many details and also lines are not spicy anymore. Sometimes, the is even impossible to determine the real distinction in the elevation of part points.

Experts always use Lincoln’s chin together a parameter in this case. His beard and also chin are currently together. You can not find and follow the line that follows his beard due to the fact that it vanished v the neckline. Plus, the is difficult to notification details ~ above his confront anymore.

Color shadings are very present in this condition, and the leaf of such a coin is constantly darker. Finally, coins in this grade typically have many scratches end the surface.

About circulated 1945 Lincoln penny


Signs the wear and also differences in color are common for coins that this grade. Their intake over time gets rid of the luster and also sharpness that the details. Don’t bother about shading because it is standard in any kind of condition and is not affected by the level of wear.

1945 Lincoln penny value by COIN HelpU

Quality1945 Lincoln penny1945 S Lincoln penny1945 D Lincoln penny
Very fine$0.05$0.05$0.05
Extra fine$0.2$0.2$0.2
About circulated$0.35$0.35$0.3
MS 63$0.85$0.85$0.85
MS 65$4$7$19
MS 66$44$35$34
MS 67$207$90$138

The color shading layer will dim the visibility of details and sharp lines, yet they will still be current under the an initial color layer. Friend can an alert those details if friend look with the magnifying glass. Always look from different angles at the high light level to inspect all coin characteristics.

1945 Lincoln penny Types

You should understand that 1945 Lincoln penny mintage was the fourth biggest mintage in the whole production history. Three mints produced Lincoln pennies this year, and each of them has a proper mint mark except those produced in Philadelphia.

1945 Lincoln Penny through no mint mark


In 1945, Philadelphia set the second-highest mintage rate of every time and produced more than 1 billion coins in total. Due to the fact that of the high mintage number, those coins are straightforward to collect, and also their price is no that high. Top top the other hand, the is the factor why they are not famous on a rarity scale.

Many of these pennies are still present in a mint state nowadays, so most collectors won’t even think about those in a lower condition. Therefore, you must have more than a standard 1945 Lincoln coin to make some money.

The best option is to uncover a coin different from others, even if it is it is one error item or a coin v some details detail ~ above the surface.

1945 S Lincoln penny

The san Francisco mint normally produces fewer coins 보다 others in fee of minting specific pennies every year. The usually renders these coins much more valuable for collectors.

The same situation is v 1945 Lincoln pennies created in the mountain Francisco mint, therefore they usually organize a slight premium end the other two options. Plus, every sports is preferable for numismatists, even though many dealers won’t find all of them attractive.

You should scrutinize the coin you have and look for some bold lines over Lincoln’s shirt and coat. Only that means is it possible to recognize its value precisely.

1945 D Lincoln penny

These specific coins produced in Denver in 1945 room the most far-ranging for the totality Lincoln penny series and are really present top top a rarity scale. Collectors make a considerable impact on those coin’s value due to the fact that they enhance their collectibility. Surprisingly, most of them like those in very fine condition.

The 1945 D Lincoln penny with slight or no wear indicators is a beautiful addition to every collection. Her coin can have one even greater value if the doesn’t have any type of darker and also lighter points on the surface.

Slight shade differences can show up due come improper storage. In fact, your penny will be much more valuable as soon as it has actually visible color shades over the surface.

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1945 Lincoln penny is as well-known as other pennies. This manufacturing year has actually its distinct background story and history that do this coin beneficial nowadays. Both a perfect coin condition and some certain imperfection an important to collectors will rise its price.