Minced Garlic to Clove switch is not a tactful dilemma. One medium-sized garlic clove when minced finely – up to the dimension of 1.5 come 2.0 mm for each component – equals about one teaspoon and 1/3 of a tablespoon. So, 3 minced garlic cloves will be essential to make up a tablespoon. 16 tablespoons that minced garlic room equal to one cup.

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1. Conversions for minced garlic clove

Garlic is a special sulfur-containing food ingredient and also used together a crucial part in many of the recipes.

for instance, if you search a cooking recipes that how to do pasta or maybe just how to make spaghetti, girlfriend will view that recipe includes a requirement of 2-3 garlic cloves.

it is wealthy in aroma and also beneficial components that no only include taste to her food but additionally the high nutrition content.

For many of the recipes, the quantity of chopped or minced garlic cloves is discussed in the type of a teaspoon or tablespoon. So, right here are the conversions: Minced and chopped garlic to cups is also described here:

One small-sized clove = ½ that teaspoon

One medium sized clove = 3/4th- 1 teaspoon

If you want to know in detail that just how much-minced garlic amounts to one clove, you deserve to further check the following conversions.

1.1. Teaspoon come tablespoon

As three teaspoons room equal to one tablespoon, so you will certainly be needing the following quantities once jumping to tablespoons.

1 tool sized garlic clove = 1 teaspoon

3 teaspoons the minced garlic = 1 table spoon

3 minced garlic cloves = 1 table spoon

1 minced garlic clove = 1/3 that a tablespoon

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1.2. Tablespoon to cup

So, if you have a recipe card wherein the amounts of minced garlic are discussed in cups, you will certainly be needing the following conversions so usage the precise quantity the minced garlic:

3 teaspoons minced garlic = 1 tablespoon = 1/16th the a cup

6 teaspoons that minced garlic = 2 tablespoons

8 table spoons = ½ cup

16 table spoons = 1 cup

Thus, you will certainly be needing 16 tablespoons the minced garlic to do a full cup. As, 3 minced garlic cloves makeup one tablespoon, for this reason it deserve to be converted into cups in the complying with way:

3 minced garlic cloves = 1 tablespoon = 1/16 of a cup

As; 1 cup = 16 tablespoons

48 minced garlic cloves = one cup

As the number of cloves is change according come the size of a garlic bulb, yet there are on median 10-20 cloves in a single bulb of garlic.

For example:

If you space going to do a sizzle steak, you will be needing about 2 medium-sized garlic cloves the make 2 teaspoons and slightly less than a tablespoon.

SummaryGarlic is a food ingredient and used as an important part the a lot of recipes. One medium-sized garlic clove is equal to 1 teaspoon and also 1/3 tablespoon. If bring away in a cup, 16 tablespoons the minced garlic consist of a cup.

2. Difference between minced and also chopped garlic

Chopping and mincing room two various things and their quantity additionally varies in different forms. Minced garlic is in lot finer type than the chopped garlic.

Chopped garlic is contempt coarse as compared to the minced garlic and you can’t say that the Minced Garlic come Clove is the very same as the chopped garlic come clove.


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As a single medium-sized minced garlic clove equals half of a teaspoon, the exact same clove when chopped, amounts to one finish teaspoon.

So, in chopped form, you will be needing 2-3 cloves to do a tablespoon full of chopped garlic.

1 chopped garlic clove = 1 teaspoon or slightly more than that

Sometimes, girlfriend don’t also need to chop or mince garlic, as in the organic remedies for cough, you simply require intact cloves of garlic.

2.1. Substitutes of minced garlic

Sometimes, you have actually run short of new garlic or over there is less time come mince garlic cloves, you must have known that what substitutes you can use because that minced garlic.

As fresh garlic has much much more volume that the flour made from the very same amount that garlic.

So, if you have actually to include the garlic, not in an intact clove the minced clove form, quite you need it in dried powder kind you will must calculate the amount.

1 garlic clove = 1/8th teaspoon of garlic powder

8 garlic cloves = 1 teaspoon complete of garlic powder

Garlic flakes are dried and also can be supplied in ar of fresh garlic. Switch will show you the amounts:

1 garlic clove = 1/2 tespoon of garlic flakes

1 garlic clove = 1/4th tespoon of granulated garlic


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2.2. Just how to mince garlic cloves?

Minced garlic is used in a the majority of food recipes back some use flakes that garlic or chopped garlic. Mincing a garlic clove doesn’t need much effort or technique.

although garlic paste can be made by utilizing kitchen food grinder over there is a difference between paste and also minced garlic.

For working smartly to mince the garlic, first you should start by skin the garlic cloves:

Peeling of garlic cloves

Remove garlic clove indigenous the garlic bulb

You can soak that in warm water to loosen the skin or just peel it by making use of a kitchen knife

Remove the head of the clove and then it’s lower component with the assist of a knife

Place the clove on the kitchen shelf or cutting board and also press slightly v the wider part that the kitchen knife

Skin the garlic clove will certainly be loosened and also you can peel the easily

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Mincing the garlic cloves

Cut or crush the garlic clove into little pieces

Chop it around on the cut board

To finely mince that you can either use a pestle and also mortar or you can mince with the aid of a knife

Run the knife end the chopped garlic till it gets minced

3. Wellness Benefits of garlic

No doubt post contains detailed data about minced garlic come clove conversion, however you should also be discovering that just how magical this small-sized garlic bulb deserve to be.

Garlic belongs to the Allium sativum family and it has actually some impressive benefits the are provided below:

3.1. Hypertension

Hypertension and stress no only influence you psychologically but additionally the leading reason of heart diseases and also predominantly heart fail nowadays.

According to details studies, garlic relaxes the stiffed arteries to reduce blood cholesterol level and even blood thickness.

3.2. Garlic together a source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is the prime vitamin the end of all agents belonging to the vitamin category. In boosting the skin, the benefits are established.

Garlic will provide you with taste, vitamin C, and also several other benefits the you can’t even expect.

3.3. Lose weight v garlic

It suppresses the appetite and also prevents you from eating because that a longer duration.

3.4. Garlic boosts immunity

Garlic is not just a crucial ingredient when cooking, but likewise a load of added benefits. It helps to an increase immunity by stimulating the white blood cell in the body.

1-2 cloves that garlic, either intact, chopped or minced form can aid you fighting minor ailments specifically flu and cough. Garlic additionally has part antibiotic properties.

3.5. Usage of garlic in dandruff

You simply need to do a paste of it and also apply it over the surface ar of the head. Keep for 1-2 hours and also then take it bath.

3.6. Various uses of garlic

Now there room some assorted uses that garlic:

Reduces the cancer threats by giving you through phytochemicals

Helps you in expanding exercise by publication nitric oxide that gives you with oxygen

In short

Garlic, either provided in minced, chopped or powdered kind is well-off in healthy constituents. It help you treating various illnesses and additionally a component of the Keto diet meal plan. Skin tags have the right to be removed by garlic.

Frequently inquiry questions

As garlic is provided in numerous recipes so there are plenty of questions asked about the garlic. Few of those questions have actually been answered below:

1. What is thought about 1 clove of garlic?

Garlic is a key ingredient in details recipes and is supplied for aroma and health benefits. The garlic pear is the whole part that consists of several garlic cloves.

A whole garlic bulb is described as “head or knob” that garlic. Every separable and also skin wrapped component of the garlic bulb is recognized as garlic clove and also a normal sized bulb consists of 10-15 cloves top top average.

2. Is minced garlic in a jug as good as fresh?

Obviously No, how have the right to you imagine that a stored and also fresh food are the same in quality? save garlic in ~ a jar or bottle, no matter if you have actually kept that in the fridge can’t beat the fresh garlic.

Its flavor and aroma get readjusted if garlic is kept in the jar either in minced form or chopped form. Two teaspoons of the save on computer garlic in the jar room equal to one tespoon of freshly minced garlic native cloves.

3. Is there a tool to mince garlic?

Minced Garlic to Clove is calculated after mincing the garlic. Also, garlic is supplied in the minced type in certain recipes. Below is the device to mince the garlic correctly which is recognized as a Microplane.

Microplane is a spicy zester v teeth the is provided to grate or mince the garlic cloves. Return garlic have the right to be minced by just using the kitchen knife.

4. How many tablespoons in 4 cloves that garlic

One garlic bulb contains 10-20 garlic cloves. 1 tool sized garlic clove once minced provides one teaspoon and also i/3 the tablespoon.

4 cloves the garlic in minced form will make up 1+ 1/3 that a tablespoon. It way that 3 minced garlic cloves make up a tablespoon and also rest of them, the is one clove will cover the 1/3 of one more tablespoon.


Minced Garlic to Clove calculation is require when making specific recipes wherein you must use teaspoons or tablespoons the minced or chopped garlic.

One small-sized minced garlic clove - approximately the dimension of 1.5-2.0 mm - provides the ½ teaspoon if one medium-sized minced garlic clove is same to the 3/4th or one teaspoon.

3 teaspoons do one tablespoon so, 3 minced garlic cloves will be required to make the one tablespoon.

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8 tablespoons comprise one cup, therefore 24 garlic cloves will make up a cup as soon as in minced form.

Garlic has details health benefits including:

Lowers blood pressureLowers cholesterolBoosts immunityProvides vitamin CHelps in exerciseHelps come prevent details cancers

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